Ater Cordis

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    This is a new RPG idea of mine, which I hope will get the go ahead and become something good here.

    The name of this RPG is 'Ater Cordis', which is Latin for 'Black Heart', which would be one of the Kingdoms of Elysium. I chose the name for the sort of place it is- a community overrun by patrols of the darkest orcs, the deadliest trolls, the most vicious goblins, and the most sly dragons- among other creatures just as evil. These foul beasts took this once thriving community of people, and turned it into a mudbath of crude wooden housing, murderous pubs (which were equally bad getting in to as getting out again alive), steaming factories, and at the epicentre of it all, a huge circular hut, inhabited by what is assumed to be a humungous spider, with the neck and head of a dragon. This creature controls the kingdom of Ater Cordis. Built on to it's home is a large gladiator's arena, which this sadistic beast uses to entertain itself and Ater Cordis' inhabitants by making the few human prisoners they have either fight to the death or endure some humiliating task. These human prisoners are caught often on the very outskirts of this kingdom, to which they have been driven back to, where they live as sparse tribes in the ever endangered forest. If this RPG was given clearence, I would take the role of Ater Cordis' master- the spider-dragon creature who controls the kingdom. I would be interested to hear if other people like this idea- and if so, what roles they would like to play.