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    Wheeee! Here I go...

    Name: Thane Gray
    Place of Birth: A veery tiny village in the mountains called Kor.
    Age: 19
    Class: ranger
    Race: half human, half elf
    Description: Thane usually wears a long gray cloak clasped with a butterfly pendant on the left. Underneath he wears a peasant top and if it's cold, another shirt. He carries a warn black shieth for his sword and several hidden daggers. His prized possesion is a worn oak bow that was given to him by his father. He has short brown hair and bright inquisitive blue eyes with a green ring around the center. Thane has several small scars on his personage from battles. On his chest he has a tatto of a dragon.
    Background: Thane was raised by his human mother while his elven father hunted orcs. When he was 12 his father gave him his bow which he still has. Basically he learned sword play from his father when ever he could. A few years later, his mother died from a plague that swept through the town. His father then took Thane with him into the wild to hunt orcs. Eventually, as all do, age sets in and his father was eventually killed by a band of orcs. Thane wanders, seeking to end his own blame.
    Weapon: An old oak bow affectionatly called, Ganzuki. His has several daggers and one long sword with a small diamond in the pommel.

    Thane's tatto: