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    In Nothing, in a way eternal since when there were no colours nor shades, of reality or colour. In a divine moment at the beginning of Time, existence became out of nothing, a point dividing it between what preceeded Nothing capable of understanding and Life itself, or the Time since it's beginning.
    It was wrought in sight that knowledge takes shapes, comprehensible or clouded within an expanding infinity of understanding of matters, ones one might seize within words, or perhaps not. The possibility of space became a world for the soul of Nothing to travel. The centre of the universe marking the flamewrought sapling of material and natural life.
    To explain Nature the matters of primal life and it's divinely aesthetic qualities or, perhaps, properties would have to be brought up. A tiny seedling covered in it's armour of bark embraces life in water just like an unborn being grows up in it's parent's vital sources. The tiniest shard of rock reminding of a body's or a tree's unseen structure. The industry of sight and will.
    Nature itself woven together with the Faerie beside the elements, inside reality as it took shape together with Time in the mind of a newborn soul capable of understanding and thought. Soon, and so instantly since the beginning, this being decided to be known as Gahbreeil, inspired by the possibility of material life and it's creation, the human race.
    What seizes the very essence of feeling that might be felt because of existence is asarlai or what binds the world together, the set and final will of divinity to establish life as something in all manners of speech, final. The world, altought material in the way that it functions primarily on such aspects, is in fact much more ethereal as the existence of the 'worlds' of the elements proves. Titanic spheres of primal will in the form of Water, Earth, Fire and Air being in fact very empty of form in their infinity. The universe became a husk left by Nothing.
    I am Asarlai, said Gahbreeil. I am the Sorcerer.
    Asarlai, sorcery in the speeches of the races, became an extension of divine will, as simple as the movement of hands. The passage of events can be described as kinesse, not exactly time, but the appearance of events in thought. The day and night marked by morn and eve, middles of both as well. The suns, moons and stars became in Asarlai, not sorcery midst the air to be seen but in the world itself. Vision of what can be in the infinity of possiblities bound in what we can see.
    This marks the end of the Black Book of Bree.

    End of Prologue
    Chapter I : The Beginning
    As the world begun, just like anything needs to begin to be, folk appeared beside the animals and magical creatures. These folk would prove to be the unaware court of a God giving birth to himself. The gnomes and humans of the planet Archeios appeared in groups large and small to inhabit a world too vast to traverse or investigate in a lifetime. It was divine will to travel and live among his first children.
    And so, Gahbreeil woke from his slumber beneath an oak tree situated upon a single hill amidst meadows and plains somewhere in the wilderness. His childlike figure nestled between majestic roots. Yawning he rose slowly taking in his surrounding, everything seemed right just like it should, it was after all the beginning of time. Not a soul to be seen anywhere, these particular plains empty of animals, the sky clear of birds, however clouded.
    In his hands a long wooden pipe came to be and soon after it came to be filled with weeds that could be smoked for pleasure or comfort. Less was needed to fill the lungs of a smaller creature, something just as logical as the appearance of the pipe. Lighting the contents of his filled pipe by fire at fingertip, he inhaled strongly while still lying beneath the majestic oak. A great cloud of smoke making way for the adventure to be. For it was sure to be an adventure, the life of this particular being.