As it hits me again

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Your body still lives and you already have surrendered
    As I have flash backs of all the memories I have remembered
    Death does not bring peace for your misery will follow you
    This I know is true

    As every organ will fail
    Your pain and agony will tell the tale
    The doctors can help you but you say no
    If you die and leave this earth where do you think you will go?

    Believe me you will be miserable looking down from above
    As you look over us and your son that should have filled your heart with love
    Life is only a one time deal
    You have no idea how much this is real

    Death is what I been fighting for years
    As I see you surrender while trying to fight the tears
    I can't pray to god becuase he won't save your soul
    Slowly as you fade to dust, creating in your family a huge hole

    I am falling a part knowing you are doing this to your self
    Over a decade in the making of destroying your once great health
    You know I'm the only one choosen to tell this tale
    About what you could of been before your life went stale

    The energy speaks of sorrow
    As you are getting closer to not seeing a tommorow
    Sadness and a world of tragedy
    More than your blind eyes can ever see