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    Not sure if I missed it=- but there HAS to be a thread on a Fantasy Forum for Arthuriana! So if I can't find it, I'm starting one! I love anything- books, movies, exhibits etc that deals with the Arthurian period! I'll develop this later, but to start of with books- the latest (I think) first-Has anyone read Avalon High? Considering that the author was Meg Cabot, I didn't expect much, but not bad, not bad at all!
    And the Discovery of the millenium- The "prequel"/sequel to The Once and Future King book by T.H. Whyte- The Book Of Merlyn? Hands up anyone who's read these so we can discuss them?
    And to go really, really far back- how about Sir Gawayne and the Greene Knighte?

    Oh- and my discovery of the day- C.S. Lewis Wrotea book with Arthurian connections!!?? It's called That Hideous Strength and the next book I have to trace downj is obviously that!