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    Name: Gilboron Tiwele-Gonblak
    Race: Men of the South
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Long, Dark-brown hair. 1m82. White iris in right eye, left eye replaced by a white stone with a blue sapphire. Right arm is not human but Irkish*. Skin colors varies from pale as a vampire to burnt and scorched as a roasted piece of meat.
    Age: somewhere between 49 and 71.
    Armour and clothing: (see below)

    *Irkish is NOT Orcish. Irks are reptile-like people from Nerhun.

    Name: Eryne Tiwele-Adriel
    Race: Men of the South
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Normal dark-brown hair. 1m79. Dark blue eyes. Pale skin.
    Age: somewhere between 23 and 89.
    Armour and clothing: (see below)