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    i hope i have this right

    Name: Bryke
    Race:half elf, half human
    Age: unknown
    Nationality: none
    Weapons: dual long swords

    Description: Bryke is much taller that the average man towering at seven foot six. He has long, dirty brown hair that goes down past his shoulders and wears a long black coat that goes down to his ankles with a white tunic underneath and dark green pants, all of which have been torn up in his traveling. He has scars all over his for arms and legs but he has shoes that don't wear out to protect his feet.

    Bio: Little is known about Bryke since he doesn't even know about his own past. Most of the time it seems like he just fell from the sky. One day he just wandered out of a mountain pass with nothing but his name, clothes, and swords. He believes greatly in the codes of chivalry and will help anyone who needs it.

    Weapons/Proficiencies: Brykes main weapons are the two 4 1/2 foot longs swords he conseals under his coat but most people believe it is the 6 1/2 foot two handed sword on his back (the blade and cross gaurd have runes scripted on them and there is a large blood red ruby set into the pommel). Despite the lacking knowledge of his past he is fomidable with any weaponand is a dead shot with a longbow. he wears no armor so he is incredibly fast in combat and is almost unbeatable.