Apres un Reve (Essay)

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    So hi. I'm writing a "personal essay" for my English class. I've gotten enough pointers from Senekha, my classmates, and my teacher to begin reworking my draft into a final version, but I'm still interested in hearing from anyone who wants to comment.

    Since it's a pretty long essay, and I don't really feel like posting it here, I'm providing a link to my dA page below. Feel free to post comments on either dA or this thread.

    None of this is fictional, except maybe a bit of the timeline (my memory's a bit hazy as to when something exactly happened.

    Also, the title "Apres un Reve" (I'm too lazy to do the little accents, sorry) is French for "After A Dream," which was a piece written for cello by Gabriel Faure. I'd studied it sometime during high school and always enjoyed it, but in many ways, the piece grew inextricably linked with this "story" that I told in my essay.

    I'd also like to note that I'm not really looking for any "sympathy" or the like, but I am interested in what your reaction was after reading this essay, in terms of "mood", etc. so I can alter the style of the essay if need be.

    Warning: Contains one profanity.