Anyone but You...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    Something has to die before its reborn,
    For you, I broke every oath I'd ever sworn,
    It was never meant to be,
    What you always meant to me,
    A sea of bitter poison down my throat,
    Drowning; God to thank that I stayed afloat,
    All the times I kept silent to keep you happy,
    All the times you cursed me, slapped me,
    Never lift another hand to me or lose it,
    The hand that fed you, that loved you, you abused it,
    Put me on my back and bled into my eyes,
    From a bed of broken glass and vipers, I watch the skies,
    With fangs sunk deep into my aching chest,
    You fed off me, doing what you do best,
    Your parasite paradise is something I've endured,
    So many moths to their untimely death, I was lured,
    I bite my tongue until blood filled my lungs,
    I can't do that anymore, it's time my song was sung,
    The day I learned to stand, my knees bruised from kneeling on the floor,
    But I found an outstretched hand, that showed me something worth loving for,
    I don't want to know you anymore,
    You're not something worth living for,
    I'll lose no sleep, shed no more tears or blood,
    Not for you, I won't slip beneath your flood,
    You're serpentine, not divine, no angels abide in your realm,
    I was headed towards me end with you at the helm,
    I can see you for what you are now,
    And though I survived it, I don't see how,
    Pins and needles, I counted the days that I harbored your hate,
    Scum is your legacy, and nothing will forever be your fate,
    Until the day I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize my face,
    I don't want to be here anymore, there's nothing in this place...
    Nothing for me, nothing worth believing in,
    So now I'm ready to begin again,
    You're not something worth dying for,
    I don't want to know you anymore...
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