Another story to be told

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Why can't someone stay by my side?
    Why must I run and hide?
    What is it that you do not see in me?
    Is it too much to ask peacefully?

    I make my effort and be my best
    Still there is a gaping hole in my chest
    My mind is never at ease so it refuses to rest
    If you have the answer, answer them be my guest

    With glasses I see 20/20 but I am blind
    For what I need most I never can find
    So I tend to go back in rewind
    Which puts me in a greater bind

    The many words that have been said
    Tend to linger in my head
    What you see is not what you get
    As many move on with no regret

    Tell me something before you run away in silence
    That simple action causes more emotional violence
    There are many stories to be told
    From this damaged man with a heart of gold

    I must fade into the foggy abyss
    In the darkness longing for someone to love and kiss
    My message is crystal clear
    As my eyes are dry as the desert sky not shedding a single tear.