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    Not where I wanna be
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    Wrap your wings around me and carry me away,
    Because to live is to hurt, and to hurt is to stay,
    Beautiful black wings, a pale white face,
    Give me what I want most, a cold embrace...

    The warmth of the morning is gone and dusk is close,
    How long I have left, how long she'll be gone, nobody knows,
    But the part of me that wants to wait is asleep,
    And each heartbeat drives the nail so deep...

    Everyone is sorry, but no one can make it slow,
    I don't want to stay, but you know I don't want to go,
    But her touch numbs the hurt, a kiss makes me forget,
    A sweet promise in my ear that sounds more like a threat...

    I think I'll rest with her tonight,
    And then in the morning rejoin the fight,
    Just a night to her lies and false hope,
    She promises forgiveness at the end of a rope...

    But I won't go because I want to wait,
    I don't know for what, maybe just fate,
    Really the only reason for me to fall,
    Is too rid you of me once and for all...

    And I won't grant that mercy to you,
    Nor privilege to the angel I'd go through,
    Continue to target the softest part of the heart,
    The piece you know that you'll always be a part...

    As you do, as you wish, I will rest here for a day,
    As you were, beautiful angel, do as you may,
    Because I reject the one and embrace the other,
    Even though she promises hurt and she promises comfort...