Angel on Fire...

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    Yo, so I got asked to do a little something,
    So decided to testify with a little extra zing,
    A little of this, for some of that,
    Hey girl, how bout some tit for tat?

    She puts up with me, up on a solid gold pedestal,
    To get to her, you and me might just brawl,
    The young fireball with an angel on fire,
    She puts the "S" on my chest so I fly higher...

    Cloud nine and them some,
    Scrappy too, you don't want none,
    Will of cast iron and a heart of pure gold,
    Listen up, listen to what you're being told...

    Hotter than Rikki Six with a sunburn,
    The moment she walks in, heads turn,
    Smoldering footsteps and category fives in both eyes,
    A little bit of devil in there, my oh my what a surprise...

    Just one beat of the wings and we're off,
    From a world so cruel to clouds so soft,
    Take handfuls of lightning, roping the wind,
    Her fire is so hot that it could make steel bend...

    No smoke and no coal, consume the world whole,
    Two crazy kids off their leash can take a toll,
    There is power unequaled in what I speak,
    Color my world, paint it with ash, a world so bleak...

    Dark days gone with an old world, burned away,
    Holy fire of a heavenly angel who chose to stay,
    Now my heart simmers and sparks and glows,
    Under a magnificent sun, this union grows...