Anduril Review by Aramir

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    Anduril Review
    by Aramir

    Where do i start, when i got that now familiar UC box my heart was racing with excitement! when i actually got in to the sword my mouth hit the floor, on first glance its simply stunning.
    I had always decided not to purchase Narsil as i had a feeling Anduril would be the better of the two when it was inevitably released, and im glad i did because this is possibly the best looking sword of the lot (in my opinion)
    On second glance its easy to see why this longsword stands out so much, with Narsil it was all about the fantastic hilt and quillions, with Anduril its about the hilt AND the blade. The inscribed pommel looks really nice up close especially with the gold colouring, its a lot larger than it appears which nicely balances out the length of the blade. The leather covering is only big enough for a good one handed grip but two hands can fit comfortably with one on the metal below.
    As for the blade, well it looks awsome the runes are deeply etched and stand out very well, even from a distance, and i noticed they give off great little effects when the sun reflects on them. Its also MUCH sharper than most of my other swords and could very possibly cut through flesh (not that ill be trying that )

    Picking the sword up straight away gave me my one (and only) bad point, the blade is VERY wobbly. Now it might only be my sword and other peoples are fine but i felt the need to ention it. Im not sure why its so bad, none of my other swords are like it and my Glamdring doesnt wobble at all, but i have noticed the blade on Anduril is thinner (which is a good thing as the sword itself is slightly lighter than Glamdring despite being longe)
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