An Assassins War

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    Dawn slowly crept past the horizon as Egone MacEwan sprinted through Bath, England. Time was nearly out, and time was one of the most crucial parts of his trade. Slowing down, Egone spotted the house he was looking for. It was a basic Noblemans house. A few house guards on duty, and the maids just getting up to get to work. Swiftly, Egone placed himself behind a tree, and began scouting out possible entry ways.

    Egone looked all around until he found what he was looking for. A group of vines and the stabilizers, leading all the way up to the master chambers window. It was to easy, and that was usually dangerous, but Egone had to get in. Planning his time, Egone waited until not even a bird would be watching him as he lept towards the vines, and grabbed ahold of them. He climbed and climbed, and finally reached the window. Peaking in, Egone could see nothing. No Nobleman, no Noblewoman, no maids, nothing. Wearily he climbed in the window.

    Egone slipped in and got behind the curtains. They were thick enough to hide his presance should anyone walk in, but not for long. Once he deemed the room 'clear', Egone stepped out from behind them and began searching the room. Looking for anything that might help him out on neutralizing/escape.
    His target was Antonio Dejaval. A Spanish immegrant that came to England to further his underground slave trading career.
    Egone's thoughts and searches were broken as he heard someone talking at the door. He rushed quietly behind a half wall that would sheild him from view and listened in.

    "What! The king? You can't be serious!" said a first voice.
    "I am serious. The Master had him takin out this morning. Just before...Umph!" Egone heard the wet noise of a blade exiting flesh, followed by a small thump.
    "Just before we had to deal with this dirty Spaniard." said the second man.
    The king is dead!? Egone yelled in his mind.
    "The Master has gone to far this time! Killing the king is possibly one of the worst things that could happen right now, other than killing the Pope!"
    "Who says we won't one day?" the second man said with a laugh. "I mean, he sent Dogface to carry out the mission. That man's a maniac."

    I've heard enough. Egone thought as he was about to open the door and confront the men, when suddenly, a gunshot was heard outside his door. In fact, he could hear the police down the hall from him. Egone wanted to know who these men were, but if he did he would possibly die. Acting on a whim, Egone sprinted out the window and dropped down as far as he could without breaking any bones. He landed with an 'Oof' and began sprinting back the way he came.

    Almost out of the woods, Egone heard someone yelling behind him, "It's the Assassin! Kill him!" The guards were coming in closer and he ran through the streets of Bath ducking and weaving. He had new and important knowledge in his brain, and it must reach Master Henhunter.
    The city gates were spotted by him, but as he approched them, City guards were closing in from all sides.

    Egone skidded to a halt, a cool feeling rushing over him. About 5 guards surrounded him. Good odds in his mind.
    Swiftly he spurng into action. Grabbing two throwing knives from his shoulders, he propeled them with years of speed and accuracy. The knives met both of there targets, one in the neck and the other through the rip cage and into the heart.
    Three left. he thought.

    No sooner than he had let go of the blades, Egone unsheathed his two 11 inched fighting knives. A guard attempted to strike him from low with his sword, but Egone countered by blocking with his right knife and stabbing him from behind with his left. He spun around as another guard was approching and caught him in the leg, bringing his other knife up to slit the guards neck.

    The last guard hesitated as Egone stood there with the blood of his comrades on him. Gripping his sword tight he rushed in with a mad furry, when something caught him in the neck. It was an arrow, and a look of confusion ran over the guard's face as the he fell to the ground.
    "I'm sorry, brave fighters, but you left us no choice." Egone said as he looked down on the dead guards. Looking up on a rooftop he saw his apprentice standing with the bow in her hand.
    "Ambros, we have to go. Now. I have some very important news for the master."
    The girl nodded and climbed down with swiftness, and the two climbed on their horses, and sped of towards 'home'.


    "The dead....." Order Master Henhunter looked at Egone with a small bit of shock in his eyes.
    Henhunter was old. His grey hair was lighter than that of his robes, and his beard was almost past his chest. On his side there was a rapier, and on his other, a small knife.
    "I never truly expected to hear of this any time soon. When did this happen?"
    Egone related the tale to the old Order Master. When he was through, Henhunter sat down in his chair.
    "I do not believe I need to tell you how bad this is, Egone. It sounds as if the assassins you overheard speaking.... were Lyitons."
    "That crossed my mind, master. But why would Lyitons want to assassinate the King?" Egone replied.
    "To start a war of corse." the old man said. "The Lyitons have always hated us. Jealousy mostly I believe. We have... or had the kings blessing when they did not, and the king can be a very powerfull ally." Henhunter stroked his beard as he thought.
    "You must realize now, Egone, that we are at war. A war that may spill into the streets, and most regretably the lives of innocents. But we must win. And we must find the killer of the king."
    "Then I leave you to find my apprentice and to prepare for war, Master." Egone said with a bow.
    "Wait a moment, my boy. I need to ask you somthing. You have been a Grand Seargent a good time now, no?"
    "Yes master." Egone said.
    "I'm appointing you to the rank of Master Assassin. I need you and your apprentice to lead this investigation. You have always been one of my top men, my son. Do not let us down. Now go down to the armory, and ask for your Crimson knives, that you may sew them on to your robes."
    Egone's mind was joyfull. He was now one of the Master Assassins, the rank preceding Grand Seargent which only a handfull had. But he kept his cool expresion on in front of his master.
    "We will not let you down, Master."
    And with that, Egone exited the room.

    This would be a bloody war. A horrible war. It would take the lives of many, and be unapolojetic towards those it harmed.
    It would be an Assassin's War.
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    Marek Lytas was waiting for his assassin to come in his chambers. for the assassins sake the news had better be good.

    A guard knocked on the door. "sir your assassin has arrived"

    "About time, tell him to meet me in the dining hall"

    When Marek arrived he saw the assassin sitting comfortably with his feet up on the table. Suddenly a dagger zoomed and planted itself right below the assassins feet. The assassin yelped and lost his balance, falling to the floor in a heap.

    "show some manners when waiting for me, you won't get any sympathy from me if my aim is off next time," With that he retreived his dagger and sat across from the assassin" now report what happened"

    "the king is dead sir, but a graceblade escaped, I heard a gunshot and some shouting, by then I was to far to hear much"

    "Didn't I specifily tell you to leave no witnesses? How could you leave someone alive, and a graceblade no less, without you at least trying to chase him down and kill him!"

    "s-sir as I said there was a struggle, if I followed the graceblade I might not have gotten back here, a dagger doesn't do to well against a gun"

    "I will hear no more of your excuses, get out of my sight!"

    He really didn't mind that a graceblade got away, he wanted them to know what he did, he wanted them to retaliate, starting a war beyond of which anyone has seen.