An archeologist's log.

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    April 6th, 2754

    I landed yesterday upon the Island of Brittine, where once a great civilisation flourished, but disappeared mysteriously after about 200 years. Today, excavation starts on a promissing site, where a vilage has believed to have been. Now, all that remains in hillsite with, trees here and there.

    April 8th, 2754

    After cleaning out the trees, some test trenches have been dug upon some earth anomalies. Immediatelly, we struck gold, the foundation of an ancient house. Excitement rises in the camp. It seems that the "flat floor" technique, in which a perfect flat stone floor has been constructed is used here. So far, no artefacts are found, but we are planning to expand the excavation tomorrow.

    April, 9th, 2754

    Steadilly, the work crew is unearthing the stone floor, burried under about half a man's hight of rubble and earth. The first artefacts have turned up, such as the delicate copperwork, constructed of very thin threads, combined with the strane ceramics, in a square fashion, but not ordered. We have found these things before, but have absolutely no idea what their use is. So far, our best guess is that it must be jewellery, of some sort. Furthermore, we found various pieces of glass, both bend and straight.

    April 10th, 2754

    In the late afternoon, we found a hatch, of what appears to have been wood of some sort. Because the sun was getting nearer to the horison, we descided to wait untill tomorrow, to open it. Excitement stirrs in the camp, what we believed to be the floor, is still intact, so what lies under it, could well be in perfect shape.

    April 11th, 2754

    After the little sleep we had, we are trying to clear the hatch of all rubble. It is more difficult then we thought, as the hatch has decayed over time. Still, a piece of rusted iron is sticking through the middle of the hatch, possibly the handle, whith which the hatch was opened in times past.

    The hatch has been cleared and it appears to be a door, laying horizontally. As it is no more than pulp at the touch, we decided to brake through it. As the first pieces are moved out, I can see just, the rubble laying under it. As I am writing, convidence drops to my toes. I was hoping for the discovery of a lifetime...

    April 12th, 2754

    The door has been removed completely. Under it, there seems to be no floor at all, at least not as we know it. It is filled with rubble, broken bricks. Although not much of the initial enthousiasm remains, we plan to dig into the rubble to see what's beneath.

    April 14th, 2754

    Progress is slow, the men aren't used to the hard labour of lifting bricks. So far, we have ventured about half a man's height down, and hope rises again. There seems to be a passage way, revealed under the rubble, and it is sloping. Maybe after all, there is a room, a level under the floor, as we found it.

    April 15th, 2754

    We have reached the top of the bottom of the passage way. There seems to be a dark place under the floor, filled with rubble. For now, we await the bottom of the pit eagerly.

    April 16th, 2754

    As we reach the bottom of the passage way, it seems that indeed, there is a room under the floor and that it isn't filled with rubble! Yahooo! only part of the room is filled, as rubble slid down the passage way into the underroom. This evening, rubble will be so far down, that we can make a first venture into the unknown.

    Torches are lit at this very moment, to get our first glimpse of what is to be found underneath. I will go down, accompanied by one of my strongest men.

    The room seems intact, though not much of the glory has remained. There seems to be a frame of metal, big enough to fit a man, only it lies horizontally. Furthermore, a pile of wood and debry lies near to one of the walls, probably an old bookcase. The walls themselve are covered in dark brown fibres. Probably, these were painted, as decration of this otherwise very joyless place. Tomorrow, we will have more time to take a look and see what remains under the floor.

    April 17th, 2754

    This must have been the best day of my life! We have found a case, that is closed. It is constructed of iron, but one of the sides is missing. More of the strange jewellery was found inside this box, along side other, smaller boxes. What it means, I don't know, but it may offer a clue to what it's use was.

    But even more to my interest, we found an iron case, with a lid that opened. Inside was what looked like what was once a book! As is known, only three books of this era are known, of which two had more or less the same contense. Although the book seems in a terrible state; the pages are completely brown and the ink has vagued over the years, pieces shood be translatable. I will have to take this back to Chan-Gay, to study this immense pile of paper, for there is much to be studied. I will leave now, entrusting this site to my more loyal workers.

    July 27th, 2574

    Finally, I have returned. Indeed, crazy it seems that for that half year under way, I have spent only 11 days in Brittine. But it was well worht it. I will try to organise the paper, starting tomorrow. I can't wait!

    July 28th, 2574

    The paper seems to be in ordenen fashion, and I will try to decipher the Old English. After all, I haven't spent six years on this language for nothing...

    Indeed, the paper is very hard to read. Only blurs and lines are clear enoug to read. for now, they make no sense to me, such as this readable spot:

    ... of the [unknown word]...​
    ...proved by devices, learned fro...​
    ...selves. A preference for round windows...​
    ...staying especially of...​

    Now, as far as we know, all the houses we found, had square windows. What can this imply? Only more questions...

    July 28th, 2754

    I asked an expert on Old English to help me with my book, more and more unknown words turn up, to my frustration. It almost seems like the writer of the book spoke an other English, than we know of. And indeed, my coworker has the hardest time to decipher some of the words. Every now and then we are discusing the meaning of words for more than an hour, but it happens more that my collegue notes that some words aren't even written in the style of Old English. This is going to be harder than we initially thought.

    July 29th, 2574

    It seems more and more to us, that words untranslatable must be names of places and persons and such. We can only speculate about who they are, but they must hae been important, concidering the unusual use of the Old English.

    July 30th, 2574

    We have made a stunning discovery! there is a small piece of text, written in the strangest fashion. We don't know these characters, but my coworker is concentrating on the writings surrounding these strange lines. So far, he has been able to translate:

    ...clear,... (far, remote)...great...

    [Then the strange piece of text]

    ... can... read .... letters... (blur of ink) ... voice.

    It is pretty premature, but can we assume that at least the writer of the book knew a language, now long forgotten? Are we on the brink of rediscovering something that has been lost?

    July 31st, 2754

    Today I have concentrated on a piece of paper, of which I thought it contained only a blur of ink. I had somehow the feeling that this might give answers that we look for at the moment. I can't tell how happy I am about giving this piece a second chance. When hold against the light, clearly a map is showing of an unknown area! A MAP! Althoug it doens't show any known features, we are now getting a picture of the greater image. Is this book discribing a civilisation, long erased from human knowledge? This must be the biggest breakthrough after the excavation of the Palace in Brittine near the Eastern river, possibly even bigger! Although the map is not very clear, some of the unlogical words are found in this map, though none of the untranslatable words are to be read.

    August 1st, 2754

    In my enthousiasm, I have looked for further maps... and found them! Although, the first map I found was almost completely unusable, in the very last pages, I found four pages of map. They seem to link one to another, and indeed, some of the untranslatable words, showed up on the map. Stranges thing is, that we cannot place this piece of land somewhere. It looks a bit like the westcoast of the piece of land, we call Furancy, but it could ac well be some other region. Also, landscaping over time shood be taken in concideration, because for all we know, this ancient civilisation has ceased to exist thousands of years ago! For now, our only conclusion could be to rewrite history, and include this strange, largely unknown piece in time. For now, we have to find the area where this all has taken place and try to find what ruins remain!