Am I allowed to leave?

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    It just does not seem that you want me in the end
    As my heart was open to you like a wound that will never mend
    I gave you all of the attention you could need
    All the poetry and love letters you can read

    To say good night and sleep well
    I was falling for you can't you tell?
    In my eyes you could be the future of my life
    Maybe one day you could have been my wife

    The closer they come, the farther they go
    This I sadly had to know
    Tears resist falling from my eyes
    People fail to realize

    Beyond all the walls I put up in vain
    To hide all the suffering and pain
    That I am human I can feel all of this
    As deep inside I crave love and bliss

    Yet I rely on things to take all the thinking away
    Because honestly not a damn soul wants to stay
    Sedate me right now let it enter me
    Slowly it steals my recent memory

    I feel helpless, I feel empty
    The world has done too much damage to me
    So don't lead me to believe that you can fix this
    With one touch or a good night kiss

    That's just a momentary high
    Then there is a devastating low, that makes me want to die
    I don't need to seek professional help, I just need consistency
    Someone that can be there for me

    Then maybe one day I can wake up and see
    That my world will be ok in the end, until then I live in fantasy
    It is safe there becuase not a soul can touch me
    Sadly I lose reality a little more to a stronger degree

    Can someone please give
    Me a true reason to live
    All of this races and all of these medals
    The miles I biked on those pedals

    Don't mean a damn if I can't share it with another
    Even if the records and trophies mount one after the other
    Just hold my hand and let me know it will all be ok
    If I ever had that happen I would break down and cry that day

    Those words are rarely said to me
    I'm losing the faith in this possibility
    Save me from my hell
    I am falling apart can't you tell?