All I Wanted...

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    Even with mine eyes sewn shut,
    I see how deep the blade cut,
    Into your heart, into your brain, into your soul,
    Pitch black, covered in ash and soot, burning coal...

    My bones keep breaking as I grip the floor,
    Fake faces decay, it's becoming a chore,
    To maintain a straight line, to follow the narrow path,
    If you loved me, you would have endured my wrath...

    Crawl, crawl, crawl back to me,
    On raw palms and bloodied knee,
    A freak show gone horribly awry,
    He was only supposed to hurt, not die...

    Didn't mean it, really I swear on your soul,
    Oops, I lied, and now we must pay the toll,
    Take for granted the air in your lung,
    Eyes in socket, throat with its tongue...

    Hear laid to rest is love forever more,
    Hacked, slashed, splattered with gore,
    No, everything is not as it should be, something is off,
    Seriously, I didn't imagine charred skin to be this soft...

    As I sit here in my room without light,
    Curtains pulled, the sun is a bit bright,
    I can almost remember the day,
    That I died, then was born Ray...

    Blurry outline, faded facial expressions,
    Mental images gone into regression,
    Mirrors no longer haunt these hallowed halls,
    But occasionally I hear it in hollowed walls...

    The barrier between this side and the next,
    So thin and frail that I still feel its affects,
    Cold breath on the nape of my neck,
    Over my shoulder, sometimes I check...

    They're standing, just in the corner of my eye,
    You could probably see them too, if you really try,
    So sleep, rest, just let your mind go free,
    When you're gone, no telling who you could be...