Alexander's Character's (More on the way)

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    Name: Melfice

    Age: looks 22

    Race: Human

    Class: Sword Master

    Allignment: Good

    Elements: Holy

    Appearance: His hair is sky blue and his eyes are green and blue.
    He stands at roughly 6ft tall and is well built. He wears silver armour and a half face mask with cover his left eye. He also wears black boots and a black cape.

    Equipment: He carries a long sword with black winged cross guard , His armour looks silver but is made from meteoric metals, he also wears a small black pendant around his neck which protects him from Dark magic.

    Purple Lightening Strike
    He make three replicas and they attack an enemy finishing with a diving assault by all of them.
    Sword Master
    He knows how to use any type of sword in existence.
    Sky Dragon Attack
    He jumps into the air and rams it into the ground cause the ground to erupt with holy light.

    Spells: Heal, Cure, Holy and Haste.

    History: Not much is know about this elusive warrior. It is said that he once belonged to a great sword master tribe. One day there was a disaster and the island sank to the bottom of sea.
    Melfice was supposedly the only survivor. These tales may be false but one thing is certain that when evil attacks the innocent he will be there to fight it.