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    Name: Ainuudar Do'Vexis
    Age: Unknown
    Birthplace: The Underdark
    Current Location: The Dark Elven Fortress, Neriak of Tunaria
    Favored Weapon: Two-handed long sword of bone (like my banner)
    Occupation: Deathknight and hired killed. Serves royalty as lead army or goes on special assasination missions
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Red
    Abilities: Life sap-transfers energy from opponents to him, Raise the dead-as a deathknight he can control the dead...only a minimum amount of undead though, Death Touch-can only use this when he is about to die...once in his lifetime ability, pretty self explanatory
    Personality: Chaotic Evil
    Hates: Any good races especially elves
    Loves: War and Killing
    Works Best With: Necromancers, 1-3 assasins