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    Hey folks,

    How do you feel about AI being used in the fantasy writing process? I've been experimenting with it lately and am pretty excited with the possibilities. Below is such output as an example. I seeded the AI with "Top 10 AI generated anti-fascist fantasy novel ideas" and it output the following. I did curate it a bit by deleting some parts I didn't like and the regenerating new directions. I also edited a few words to fit my fantasy language style ("aerendmyn" for example). What do you think, are any of these 10 stories you'd be interested in reading, and/or what do you think of using AI in the writing process?

    From the AI

    The following is a list of books that are not yet on my "Anti-Fascist Fantasy" shelf. I am not sure if you would call them anti-fantasies, but they are definitely anti-fascist.

    10. Diary of the Dead: This book tells the story of two young aerendmyn who attempt to overthrow an oppressive fascist regime in a fictional country called "Ezair." The main character is a void-guardian named Zerzan and his friend is Wrightare from the Land of Corners. They meet up with minutemyn in Ezair and eventually begin planning their rebellion against the government which is run by daemyn supremacists.
    9. Fade to Nothing: Tommiku the halfmyn finds her entire world under attack on separate occasions by both centaurs and ogremyn. She flees for her life and unwittingly stumbles into a wizard's plan for world domination. During her final fight against the insane wizard named Sderamputra she gains magical powers and becomes the main antagonist in the story. The book has generous portions of mithril, aerendmyn, poetry about half-nymphs, and four-armed centaurs who argue with each other about intellectual things thrown in.
    8. Fil: A book that shows you how to take apart your enemies and have mastery over their essence.
    7. Magorr: This is an anthem dedicated to a deity named High-Ensla who demanded flesh and took lives for the glorification of himself. The Azaper also mention him strongly in their written arts, invoking his wrath on sinful races. The entire desert is said to be his "Eternal Shrine" and tearing one pebble from it breaks oath with him. This sandstorm power worshipper represents strength, tenacity, and having the confidence of being left the lone survivor during cataclysmic events beyond one's control.
    6. Kid Entity Reloaded: Imagine if Jake from Oymyakon tried to take over Pandora instead of just one mountain and then his little raver girlfriend did too.
    5. Sodomy of Theories and Antilinguistics: Parody on the idea that a Daemyn gives the Unspeaking Woman something like parts in a play and has her speak in holy tongues as telling fairy tales to support faith based schools of thought without any knowledge tests.
    4. Kama Sutra of Daemonic Sexual Positions: For all you demons, half-breeds, furries, bigfoots, styxies and people reading your browser history now for 2 minutes thinking uncle josh is a degenerate there is now nothing stopping you from expanding your intimate horizons far beyond that crazy cultist girl from Morrowind typing on IRC
    3. Big Foot Bounty Hunting the Skyrim Frontier: Indeed feeling as though it were passed from Lord D'gan to you, the mighty Son of Kyros. You have found a community filled with sahkk-"(persistent snowy wind sound here)", feet chatting Nords. They worship alcoholic spirits that cause invisibility and still they appear visible clearly from 9000 foot visibility, condensation effect avoidable through loopholes in Atmospheric Nexus Laws (A.N.C.L.). After picking off the shamans controlling the awe strikes, a balancing swing into stupidland setting all skyrims free happens leading into a return to good old Parhlo with its richer words.
    2. Redeemers Of The Wasteland: Captain Thunderblood and his twin Iroqouis condradators from the considerable stockpile world have found new holdings in eastgaard and across it find scattered chaotic elements drinking alcohol , engaging in hedonistic activities displaying choreographed lust to each others bodies .... climax? With the chinese associates backing a 40,000 spirit enhanceable summon among other things they begin possible operations.
    1. The Rise of Queenshitch: Young Fay discovers a dilapidated silver in the new moons outskirts and goes down the old mineshaft... For Science! What followed was a long legacy decision to rebuild civilization there which led to stability till a brutal raid by orcmyn bandits.