Afghanistan a lost cause?

Discussion in 'Every Day Debating' started by Foinikas, Jun 10, 2011.

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    It's been 10 years after the United States of America along with their allies have invaded Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban,capture or kill the terrorists and help rebuild this country.Of course that was no easy task.

    But although significant blows have been delt to the terrorists and the Taliban,it seems that this war-destroyed and country is not coming back to its feet anytime soon.

    What made me post this thread is...well 3 main things actually.First of all,the Taliban seem to have an endless supply of manpower and have not stopped attacking or
    re-taking areas in various places of the country.Second,the country no matter how many efforts from NATO and the international community have been put forth,does not seem to be on the path of a major reconstruction and I think that even Kabul,the capital of the country has seen limited rebuilding.The people themselves seem to be the same more or less,other times shouting against the americans and all other foreigners in the country,other times being on their side supporting them and other times just doing nothing.

    The third and main reason is that from what I've seen in videos and read on the net...many of the Afghans themselves don't care about their country.Many of soldiers of the Afghan army smoke hashish causing a headache to the American officers who always try to stop them from having this habit.Some of them even smoke hashish and don't even care about the Taliban firing at them,they just go straight at them or something.You know...they're just high from the weed.
    I also heard and read on the net that many of them desert from the army.And the worst of all,there have been many cases where Afghani soldiers have shot and killed foreign soldiers attached to their units.

    All I wonder is it really worth giving all these lives first and foremost and second spending all that money(which is the least of all)to reconstruct that desolate,ravaged country when its own people don't even give a damn about it and don't seem to change their habits to modernize?Many even don't care if the Taliban come back.

    Is Afghanistan really worth it?I mean...if there's no change,is it really worth trying to rebuild that country so much?

    Is Afghanistan a lost cause?