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    name: abre'ahm

    age: twenty seven.

    gender: male

    race: human

    appearance: abre'ahm has long brown unkempt hair and a scruffy thin beard. his eyes are a rich walnut brown that are cold and penetrating to behold. he is of average stature with a lean muscular build. he wears a plain white shirt, brown trousers, knee high black boots and a dingy, heavy, crimson cloak that envelops his body. his clothes are quite modest with the exception of a leather belt embellished with handworked runes and a silver buckle.

    personality: abre'ahm is a is a good natured individual who feels much regret over his choices in life. this has made him bitter and consumed with intense feelings, which he directs at the world and unconsciously at himself. he has spent seven years alone wandering, in search of self. most people don't trust him and beleive him mad. he prefers the solace of solitude.

    history: abre'ahm was well loved and full of many great ideals. however, things changed over time due to personal experience. in his seven years, he has learned a great many things, skills, knowledge, and pieces to a lost heritage.

    weapons: abre'ahm wears no visible weapons beyond a small knife.
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