A Wayward Traveler's Song...

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    In the World, Not of the World
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    Take a step back I just need to breathe,
    But what's the point in breathing if you don't believe,
    And they say that seeing is believing,
    So I might as well just stop breathing
    Because I'm seeing through eyes that's blind,
    Held back, as a matter of fact, by the mind,
    It's a crime against humanity, to stop, block our destiny,
    To give into the blood lust, hate, pride and vanity,
    So help me, God, to see the I should be,
    The man in me that separates himself from the wouldbe,
    To be what I could be, but am not yet,
    But I bet, with Your help, I could be him yet,
    So instill in me the fear to be the one to see that the enemy is me,
    Knock me down, the 1-2-3, the three that put Your Son up on the tree,
    To set me free and to split the dark up out the way,
    To have the stones to set in stone a foundation for you to stay,
    To, every day, hit my knees and pray that the world will be okay,
    A cloak of peace, a shield of hope, a sword of war,
    A heart of love, a way of light, and so much more,
    To take me and make me, so weak You must save me,
    But everyday You do I just go and betray You,
    And I know it just slays You, why can't I just stay true,
    True to the way and true to the word,
    To cut out my heart that's rooted in the Earth,
    In ways I know I will not fully understand,
    Guide me through the dark with Your almighty hand,
    To the end-goal, the finish, so marvelous, so grand,
    To call you the Father, good Lord, and my friend,
    And when others wonder this way they will know,
    They will know what I believe without me saying so,
    This is my wish, the one I wish the most,
    You be the light and I'll be the host...