A Warning to those wanting a Limited Anduril.

Discussion in 'Rants & Scams' started by DohHunter, Jan 17, 2004.

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    I have noticed a couple of scams on Ebay that I thought newbies or those just looking to make a purchase of a limited Anduril.

    1) There are numerous 0 feedback sellers selling "limited Andurils" with very professional looking auctions for 600-799$, generally multiple auctions for same price, under the same name. DO NOT BID ON THESE...the zero feedback should be your one and only hint that something is not right here......i know that is common sense to most, but it might not be to others.

    2) Numerous auctions are now up for Andurils...in fact there are tons....and they SHOW A PICTURE OF THE LIMITED ANDURIL....but most say in tiny, tiny print somewhere in the item description that it is the "non limited version". Others do not say this, but say "this is a preorder, the sword will be delivered in late february".....that is the unlimited as well......and I've seen these auctions charging anywhere from $170 to $700...........so DO NOT BID ON THE HIGHER PRICED ONES if you are wanting a limited sword, you won't get it.

    3) Please research FIRST, before you bid or buy off any site or auction site..........if you have a question of the validity of the sword, PM me with the link, and we can discuss it.....I've been following the "Anduril Craze" for a while now.

    Hope this helps a few people............common sense is mostly involved.......but it is best to get this info out anyways in the event it can save someone disappointment.
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    my dad bought an Anduril for very cheap and checked out ebay and saw some auctioning for nearly a grand are these scams or are they really that much in demand