A sliver of truth

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    So this is why I'm here
    To fight this with no fear
    As it limits me to the core
    I'm not sure what for

    I remember as a child
    Full of energy and running wild
    That seems like a lifetime ago
    Where did all my energy go?

    I have spent the past decade of my life
    Fighting a condition that stabs me like a knife
    Taking so much away from me
    At times I am a prisoner behind bars no one can see

    My body tells me no all the time
    But I need to live, is that a crime?
    I take these pills to make me almost me again
    Bring back to those memories then

    Still I cannot be in the sun
    Limited and isolated by almost everyone
    This crippling condition does not hold back
    It is forever evolving and always on the attack

    I am a medical wizard in my eyes
    To battle my predictable demise
    One day at a time, each day growing smarter than I was
    Yet I don't have to do this, for reasons more meaningful than just because

    The eyes tell a story
    Of a man that searches for love and glory
    To be there for his family to the end
    Even if his heart is broken and never will completely mend

    Inspiration comes from a bottle of pills and a song from the radio
    A medical mystery that takes a toll more than you will ever know
    I can't run my race today
    But I will run another one someday

    To put another medal on the wall, as I refuse to look back