A Slice of Shadow

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    Greetings fellow fantasy fans,

    I am a guy like so many, trying to write. I want to tell stories, pass knowledge, get my feelings and thoughts out into the world. For me, it's about the pleasure I get writing and hearing people have enjoyed it. But it's hard, this internetting thing. I've never shared my work with anybody, ever, outside my own family, until writing this over the last week, and not many people have checked it out so far. It's completely free and I really need feedback, how's a guy meant to know what to change up if nobody reads his work?

    If you like fantasy, action, blood, a sprinkling of magic and most importantly a good anti-hero, then I think you may like it. I'll be exploring some deeper issues, power, corruption of the "church", slavery, suicide, all that good stuff.

    It is completely free, and I intend to keep it that way. So I have completely five chapters and I wish I could present a full book, however like I said, I need READERS to help me improve this thing, really. Feedback so far has been very good but also minimal. I don't even know if it's half-decent in other people's eyes yet, but like all writer's I think I'm on to something.

    If any of you kind souls has a half hour to spare for a few chapters of a new writer's pride and joy, then I would be extremely appreciative. You can come to all my birthday parties.

    If you are on wattpad it can be found on my profile at Scott Frobisher (@EnglishInfidel) - Wattpad

    Or if you just want to get right to it, it's got it's own page: A Slice of Shadow