A Prayer For Your Health...

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    When the ice of the world enters your veins,
    A dark force that keeps you awake in pain,
    Coughing and cold, shaking and hot,
    A guardian I am, a healer I am not...

    But, across the seas,
    Through the trees,
    A wind whispers in my ear to try anyway,
    Because surrender has never been my way...

    Power beyond understanding, power I shouldn't be handling,
    I hope and pray for your health, death to sickness and dismantling,
    A pentagram of protection, a cross of sacrifice,
    I would let blood if that would suffice...

    Anything to help, anything to heal,
    As savage as I am, I love you still,
    O m'anam, saol fada chugat
    Thar gach ni eile, graim thu...

    So please, find your health, find your center,
    A warm hearth, in the middle of cold winter,
    I'll get to you soon, sooner than you know,
    And bring with me the sun, to melt ice and snow...

    We are still free, and I am still wild,
    My passions and actions are never mild,
    So I'll scrawl it down for the world to see,
    Just how much your well-being means to me...