A new beginning

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    The boy hastily got up from his bed, worked its body into some clothes and exited his room, rushing down the stairs and into the kitchen.

    "Morning!" he said as he rushed past the woman that had been his foster mom for most of his younger years, the years that he was going to inadvertently leave behind him that day. For most of the people in the city, that day held a great meaning and was cause for much celebration. It was the day the war ended ten years ago, the day the darkness was defeated and order was restored to the peaceful lives of the city's residents.

    But to him, that day held a whole other meaning. It was the day he was to come of age. His eighteenth birthday. The day he would be free to leave the safety and sanctity of his home, free to explore and discover the world around him. The day he could follow in his father's footsteps and be an adventurer.

    Lost in his thoughts the boy did not hear his foster mother call behind him, asking him to eat something before he ventured out. Even if he did hear her his actions would be the same.

    His legs brought him far in a couple of minutes. He had grown strong of body and soul, a young man, eerily beautiful, muscular and of strong spirit. He hastily sprinted down some alleys, almost ran over a merchant too engrossed with decorating his store for the parade and then he was out into the central plaza. He halted only for a moment, to look at the celebratory adornments on the statues of the city's heroes, but his eyes was focused on only one of them. His father's.

    "This is my day, father. I wish you were here." he whispered and after a short breath he started walking the road that would take him to the cliff near his house, where the ceremony of his naming would take place.

    The ceremony was a simple thing. They were to name him, to give him a name that was always his. They, the people who knew him, called him by that name all his life, but according to the traditions of his people, that name was not his until his eighteenth birthday. They he would deserve it. Then he could take a wife as his own, a profession that suited him, or, in his case, be free to follow his heart.

    He arrived half an hour later, lay down under the shadow of a tree and soon, his thoughts sunk in a blissful sleep, strengthened by the gentle breeze and the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing onto the rock below.

    He was awakened later by a hand on his shoulder.

    "It is time, child. Everyone is here. Let's go." his foster mother said as she helped him on his feet.


    ".....we have gathered here today to honor the coming of age of this boy and to........."


    When is he gonna stop talking?, the boy thought as the priest kept on ranting as priests do, about the tradition, religion and other boring stuff. As long as he didn't turn this into another sermon about...

    ".......and as the One who are Two is duality and unity at the same time so must this boy's name be both himself and apart...............", the priest said and the boy damned his bad luck. Now he's never going to end.

    Get on with it! Almost there! And then freedom!

    "And so, henceforth, you my boy will carry on and deserve the name given you by your forefathers, the name you were carrying you whole life which is now finally yours.", the priest took a deep breath and smiled brilliantly.

    "And so, i name you..."


    Time froze for just an instant and the boy's blood turned cold and hard in his veins. The name that he heard did not originate from the priests mouth, it did not pass the old man's lips. It was heard from inside his mind, his very soul and it chilled the marrow in his bones. He had heard that voice before, so long ago when he was lost on the excursion into the Void and fallen captive to the second greatest monster that place had ever spawned.

    "....Cale! Congratulations young boy! Or should i say...young man now?" the priest jokingly said as he patted the terror-frozen son of WS.
    "What's wrong Cale? You look like you've seen a ghost." his foster mother Pyro, another hero in the war against Jonalethar, said."
    "No...nothing mom. I'm...okay. Just a slight headache." Cale said.
    "Do you want to go back to the house?", Pyro asked in a worrisome tone.
    "No...i mean yes, i'll go for a minute and take a shower. I think all the morning running along with my sleep by the cliff might have...i'll take just a sec mom."
    "Ok, hurry or you'll miss the parade." Pyro, said as Cale went back to the house.


    He threw some water on his face and just stared at his own reflection in the mirror. It only took one word to remind him of the hell he went through back then, of the constant torture and mental rape he underwent when he was only 8 years old.

    Yes we had some FUN back then, didn't we, young Cale?

    "No, you don't exist. YOU DON'T EXIST! You are dead, dead, dead, DEAD!"

    Yes, that was the point of the whole charade back then. Even Ethar himself did not realize my deception. You were always what i wanted, boy. And little by little, as the torture tore away at your soul, i inserted some of mine in the holes that were left behind.

    As the grim realization that the being that haunted his dreams still, was alive and *inside* him, settled down in his mind, Cale fought the urge to just tear away his skin and break the f*cking monster out of his skull. Instead he felt his body move on its own, his eyes looking at places he didn't intend them to, felt his lips forming a smile.

    "You were my way out." Cale heard himself say. "If Ethar had won against your little expedition, it wouldn't matter. We would all be dead anyway. but on the off-chance that you succeeded, i had to find a way to live, to be free. I found...you.", Lucifer said and cackled.

    Cale, tried to take back control of himself but the willpower of the entity that held him was beyond what a mortal could ever hope to surpass. He could as well try to dislodge a planet from its orbit.

    "Now, the Dark One thinks i'm dead, and even if he knows the truth, he's still occupied with re-constructing the Garden and the Void, that HE destroyed. And on top of that, i have a new WORLD, still licking its own wounds from the war, still weakened by the slaughter of most of its predominant race, to conquer."

    Let me out! OUT!

    "And all i had to do was wait until you gave me a mature body, full of vigor and strength and capable to withstand the entirety of my power. I can't thank you enough Cale. I'll have to think of a way to make it up to you. But...i don't think my *gifts* would suit your...morality.", Lucifer said as he dried his face and walked out of the house.

    "No time for more chitchat i'm afraid. I have a parade to attend." the Fallen said and smirked for after countless billions years, he was finally...free.


    And no, it isn't a continuation of the Spam War.Or it could be if we have a LOT of participants this time, and willing to see this through to the end. Cuz the moment i see just myself posting again, i'm ending it and i will *not* create another Spam War again.

    And all these only if there are enough participants.

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