A never fading memory

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    I remember you
    How we first met and how I quickly loved you
    Oh it feels like just a day ago
    How I still love you so

    Our love I thought could last
    Beyond any relationship on the past
    Sadly I was wrong
    So to you this is your song

    When I first looked into your eyes
    I did get butterflies
    Afraid to kiss you the first day I saw you
    Trust me dear it's true

    I was filled with bliss
    Inside me I thought I could get used to this
    Your lovely personality and your smile
    Made every day seeing you worthwhile

    I bought you roses and gifts with the love of my heart
    Honestly I believed we were off to a wonderful start
    With in me I gave you my all
    The most I ever given to anyone I recall

    At the end of my life when it is through
    I promise I will still remember you
    A love that could have been forever
    I cherished every moment we were together

    You have no idea how bad I wanted to stay with you
    Work things out and never need to find anyone new
    Some things are not meant to be
    That term shall never be applied to you and me

    For my eyes seen a different route ahead
    I think about that every day before I go to bed
    What could have been of you and me
    If only it could be a reality

    A great sadness with in my heart
    The fact we are apart
    I will never stop loving you
    No matter what, that shall remain true