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    For the first time in many generations, every clansman of the Quer'ith tribe was meeting. Such an event had not happen for at least 500 years, since the great appocalypse. Their meeting, however, was not something new or an emergency. They were making their plans for the future, and the role they would play in it.

    The meeting place was dry, craggy cave in the Modoccus Mountains. Its location is secret, known only to the members of the tribe. It is a dark and desolate place for such an important decision to be made, but then again it is the environment that the Quer'ith like most. Although their was no light, large beasts began to enter the mountain. These animals had no place being in such a dark place;some of them had no right to exist.

    Several dozen leopards entired the cave. They were the first arrivals to the clan meeting. Quickly and soundlessly they transformed back into their human forms, if you could even call these creatures human. With all of their party back to the human state, the clan of the paw waited. Their gift was the power of ultimate speed. This particular sect of the Quer'ith tribe was embued with the blood of leopards, jaguars, and wild horses. Their superior gift of speed had allowed them to reach the cave first.

    These firece predators were perhaps the most powerful race to ever develop that relied soley upon muscle. It was the decision of whether or not to embrace some strange new weapons purchased at a dwarf shop that would be decided. Yet there was no rush. The Quer'ith had been waiting decades, no centuries for this moment. They could stand to wait a little longer.

    But before any decision could be reached, the power of these new weapons must be tested. For this purpose 3 dozen members of the tribe of the tooth gone to the central blight. There they were to receive authorization from their clan leader to use their new weapons. Their chieftain, Blood Fang had gone to the city of Auriliox to test the strength of these weak humans. He would ulitmately decided if the test would even ever take place. In AUriliox he was to meet up with a potential ally name Morgaki and engage him in combat to test his strength. If Blood Fang was able to ally Morgaki, the Clan of the Tooth would attack the desert convoy to test their new weapons.

    If Blood Fang was unable to get an ally there, however, plans would have to be put on hold and the Quer'ith would wait for the situtation to reveal another ally. The fate of the next few days all depended on the actions of a mage called Morgaki.


    As the leopards sat down, they became aware of a strange feeling at the back of their minds. The older Quer'ith instantly recognitized this as a sign that some of their brethern had entered into battle. "But will they win?, "wondered Kigeran the swift footed.

    From where they were, the the members of the paw clan were unable to interefere. Besides their ability was stealth, not direct combat. "While we wait, I suggest we begin to discuss what we shall do if the new weapons are succesful," said Romian of the Hunt.

    "Yes I agree," responded Kigeran, " we should definitely decide what our plans are next if everything goes as planned. But perhaps we should wait for some of the other clans to arrive before we begin the discussion.

    "Why wait?There just going to use the same arguments over and over again," remarked Guim. "They always say the same thing."

    "Do not speak of your clnasmen with such disrespect!I could have you thrown out of this meeting if you speak that way again," threatened Kigeran.

    Guim did not answer and put his face to the ground.
    Just then the clan of the wing appeared. Several large harpies entered the cave. These odd clansmen drew stares from their own kind. Their abnormality was that they actually perfereed to be in this were form rather in their human form. It was unknow what could posses a person to want to be an animal when it was not necessary.

    On this most important occasion, however, the clan of the wing gave an unheard of honor and transformed back into their human states. Many of the paw clan grew more at ease and began to pick up their previous conversation.

    "Has anything been send in our absence,"inquired Johan of the wing,"Have any decisions been reached without consulting us?"

    "No of course not,"responded Kigeran."In fact, we jusr showed one of our younger tribesmen respect for his fellow clansmembers."Kigeran glared at Guim out of the corner of his eye.

    "Now that two tribes are here I believe we can star,"said Romian."I believe thats is the necessary number to begin."

    "Your are correct,"responded one of the clan of the feather know as Tiray the wing."We can now begin."

    "To start of with I would like to point out that anything said at this point is pure speculation,"said Kigeran."Anything said here will have to be changed according to the results of the test in the central barrens."

    "Well I personally dont trust these new weapons,"said Karen of the wing," I dont trust anything that could take us off the true path and makes us more like these diseased humans.I think we should just rely on our own strength and know that the goddess will protect us and lead us to victory!"

    "I am tired of you religious fanatics," declared Guim."You always say the same thing. The goodess will protect us! Hasen' it occured to you that she may not be interested in anything we are doing or perhaps may not even exist at all!!!!!!!"

    "Silence blasphemer," said Karen."I will not have the name of the goddess be disgraced in my presence. As for your question, if she does not wish us to suceed we will not. How could you even declare such a thing?!Your own body is proof of her existance. How else could we have gained these bodies?!"

    "Silence you two,"said Johan,"I will not have my clansmen fighting others.Karen you should know by now that my tribe will not tolerate such rudeness and brash thinking. While you may or may not be right in your beliefs, this is a place for discussion. We came here to discuss things that are unpopular and that many may dislike. Do you mean to imply that justbecause this young man disagrees with you he is wrong!?"

    "I am sorry chietain,"apologized Karen."Its just all these last few days so many things are happening. I got.....filled up with emotion. This is the first time in our history that our people will have openly attacked another group, much less gave them only conversion or xenocide. I am sorry....."

    'It is okay child," said Johan." It is better here that you let out such things then on the battlefield where such talk will get you killed. As for you Guim, I cannot punish as you are not part of my tribe, yet i strongly recommend that you keep your mouth closed. Karen is not the only member of my tribe who thinks her way. Nor is she the most militant. If you say such things to other people, they may not shout back out you with words but with teeth and claws."

    "Could we please get back to the matter at hand," asked Romian."I am tired of these interuptions. I strongly suggest that any of you who can accept people who disagree with you to leave. We have no time for such thinking now that we are at the edge of war. Soon we shall be and battle and only our unity will sustain us. Let us get back to the subject of what we will do. Actions will come when they are needed, not now."

    "Yes I agree," said Kigeran."About these new weapons. I know that many of you disagree about their use, but the fact remains that they may gives us the edge in battle that we need. When we fight these infidels, they will be using technology given to them by the dark lord. We must learn from them and use their own weapons to defeat them. When we have defeated them, we can throw these weapons away but the fact remains that we will need all the advantages that we can get."

    Just then another clan could be heard entering. At this point many of the Quer'ith felt a chill go through their bodies. Even the clan of the wing began to shiver. The clan that apporached them now was refereed to as the Clan of the Scale, yet spoken in secret they were referred to as the the Clan of the outcasts. The men in this clan had taken the ultimate sacrfice to become one with the land and had given up their very humanity. While the Clan of the Wing enjoyed their beast form rather than their human form, the cast remains that they still wanted to become human occasionally. The Clan of the Scale had given up that ability and had fully embraced their animal side.





    Dark shadowy figures slithered into the room. The particular animals this clan choose to have their blood mixed with were those of the more primitive world. A half man have serpent entered the room, leaving a trail of slime where ever he walked. This creature was perhaps the most human among them. The next few shapes were a sight so horible that many of the Quer'ith looked away in shame. They were indesriable monstrosities, who's very humanity had slowly fallen away. The animals that this tribe mixed their blood with were the snake, scorpion, lizard, and dragon.

    "Thank...Than...Thak you for coming,"said Kigeran."I am .....glad you decided to join us. The normally objective and direct Quer'ith began to quiver under the sight of the Clan chieftain. He or it, was in the form of a half man, half scorpion. His was perhaps the most bizarre of the creatures present. Whether this had anything to do with his being appointed chieftain was unknown.

    "I am glad you invited us," the creature said/scrieched."I am happy to be here". At this phrase many of the clan of the wing and paw began to quiver silently. The creature's very words caused them to feel like there were thousands of insects crawling over them.

    "Wha...What should I call it...I mean you,"said Kigeran.

    "You may address me as Jagerot,"said the scorpion man,"Yes Jagerot will do."

    "Well..Jageri...Jagera...Jagerot, you presence here certainlyhas made an impact on this discussion,"quivered Kigeran. None of the other Quer'ith disagreed."Would you li...like to add something to our disc....discussion."

    "Yes,I would like to bring up the concept of somehow giving these weapons of yours a primitive life," slithered Jagerot. This new phrase landed like a bombshell in the cave.

    "You want us to give them life,"schrieched Kigeran."We cannot do that. That is against all of the teachings of the Goddess. What you are saying is against all of our practices" Just then Kigeran realized he had just spoken very harshly to a very inhuman creature.

    "Come now Kigeran," said Jagerot,"I am not implying that we actually give sentience to the things. You really shouldn't jump to such conclusions. I am merely suggesting that we give these things a connection to the earth. So that when we use these weapons, they will not be products of technology but objects of divine justice."

    Even though this idea had come from Jagerot, many Quer'ith felt themselves shaking their heads in agreement."This way the weapons would have the will of the Goddess. We would be using tools that she guided," yelled Karen. It is interesting to ntoice that she had forgotten she was agreeing with the idea of a creature she had previously been cringing from the sight of.

    "Yes I can see we're all in agrement then," said Jagerot."Very well I believe we should put this matter to a vote. All those in favor of the idea of connecting these new items to the earth please raise your hand." All most all of the Quer'ith raised their hands in agreement. The hand in fact that was not raised was the Quer'ith of the paw know as Guim.

    "Well youngster why do you..disagree,"said Jagerot."Is there anything I can....do.. to change your mind?"

    Then Guim said the one thing that was in the back of the Quer'iths' minds."Why have you beasts come here. How dare you bring such outrageous ideas into this cave?!. I may not like Karen or any other of her clan but at least they didn't intimidate everyone to agree with them."

    "Shut up before you get yourself killed,"whispered Romian."This isn't the time for this."

    "Of course this is the time for this,"continued Guim,"I thought you said this was the place where we could speak freely. I thought I could voice my opinion here!!!!!!!"

    "I warn you young warrior,"said Johan,"These aren't the kind of....people you can insult and not expect a response from. I warn you. If you continue in this little temper tantrum of yours you're going to get yourself killed!"

    "I will gladly accept the consequences for my actions,"said Guim."I am telling what's on the back of all your minds but I'm the only one who will say it."Guam turned to face Jagerot again."Why did you come beast why dont you go back to the whole in the ground from where you crawled."

    At this insult the snake man was preparing to leap at Guim but Jagerot stopped him. he motioned to the...man that he would take care of it. "If you have a problem with my kind," Jagerot slithered,"Then use actions not words to voice your complaints. At these words all of the Quer'ith knew that a challenge had just been issued. WHile many of them were wise enough to know that this fight would end in their death, Guim was apparently now wise enough to know what the outcome of a fight with Jagerot would end in.

    "Fine I accept your challenge,"shouted Guim."This fight will end our quarrel. If I win then you shall leave here."

    "And if I would win?,"said Jagerot,"What would I get?"

    "You can have me,"answered Guim."I put myself as your prize." Just then Guim sealed his fate. Chieftains aming the Quer'ith weren't picked for their knowledge or age but for their strength in battle. It was unlikely that Guim would survive this encounter.

    "Very well I accept," said Jagerot."But since you accepted the challenge I may name the terms. This will be a one on one battle between you and me outside. No one may interfere. Those that do will end up like the loser, dead." That last word came out of Jagerot's mouth with a sound of hunger.

    "Then lets get to it," was Guim's reply. The two headed outside the cave to a bare faced cliff. The area to fight in was very small, barely large enough to walk a dozen paces in any direction besides the cave. Guaim iniated the fight by turning into the jaguar. Jagerot just watched him with the a look of attentiona professional assasin couldn't of given.

    "Gaim charged and the fight was over in seconds. Jagerot reached out a claw and grabbed his prey by the neck. Guim found himself in a vicegrip, unable to move or even breathe. Jagerot tightened his grip and cut the poor QUer'ith's head off. The warriors inside the cave had watched with expressions of sheer horror. Except for course for the Clan of the Scale, they watched with glee.

    "This warrior has lost,"said Jagerot."As is my right I claim his body. Then the scorpion picked up the man's headless torso and swallowed it in one bite. He tossed the head over to the clan of the paw. "Here,"he said,"Use this for whatever funeral rights your people have." Many serpents and lizads began to hiss and laugh at this last remark.

    Karen looked at the head of the person she had been fighting earlier and began to sobb uncontrollably. Unknown to anyone else she had wished for him to be struck down for his remarks. She had never meant for this to happen, however, she just wanted him to take back for what he said. Now Guim would forever remain silent.

    Kering picked up his head and carried it over to Guim's mother. The Quer'ith couldn't bare to llok at the remains of her son and drop the head. It rolled over the side of the mountain off the cliff. It could be heard for several seconds making a thump sound down the rocky face. When the sound could no longer be heard Jagerot spoke."Now that that's taken care of , dont we have certain matters to take care of?"

    Kigeran looked at the monster that had killed his son and answered in a cold unemoitonal voice,"Yes lets continue." The Quer'ith all went back inside but did not forget of the atrocity they had just witnessed. They all now knew what would happen if no peace was found between them and the humans. The Clan of the Scale and would personally kill and eradicate every last person that opposed them.

    As the Quer'ith reentered the cave, there was a look of horror and dsigust on all of their faces, except of course for the Clan of the Scale. At this point Kigeran could barely control himself because of all the rage that was building in him. These monsters had killed his son and were continuing as of nothing had happend. Yet Kigeran's loyalty to the Brotherhood outwayed his personal feelings. With his emotions iced over and encased, Kigeran continued the discussion.

    "I believe it is time to continue with the vote over embuing our weapons with life,"began Kigeran."Since there was an interuption I believe we should vote again."

    "A very good idea,"hissed Jagerot,"I believe this decision should be fairly easy.Please lets recount." The Quer'ith all seemed some what changed from the incident they had just witnessed. The loyalties in their blood demanded that they accept the death of Guim and continue onwards. This is the price they pay for having limitless loyalty to the Brotherhood. Because they were unable to have rebellious feelings, there was no way that they could feel hatred towards Jagerot. Instead this event acctualyl caused may QUer'ith to have their thinking changed, because they began to have ideas of making him pay for their clansmen's death. They became like Kigeran, with their emotions frozen and iced beneath a thick layer of logic and loyalty.

    When the vote was called, the decision was unanimnous. They would give life to the weapons they had before dreaded using. Guim had the sentiment of every member of the tribe and thus had feelings of rebellion. The emotions and wills of the QUer'ith are decided by the majority. If all but a few think a certain way, those few will have the majority's will imbeded in them. Thus when Guim died all of the Quer'ith became afraid of saying no to Jagerot's requests. Thus the will of the majority was to do what ever would give them the greatest advantage in the upcoming battle.

    "Good,"said Jagerot I believe know we should move on to the sibject of the elves in the Emerald Forest. I believe we should ally them, giving us protection on our flank." Just as he was speaking, another one of the clans arrived. They were know as the Clan of the Fin and had traveled the furthest to reach the cave. This element was very hostile to them. As their name inplied, they were at home in water and now on mountains.

    "I see the Clan of the Fin has arrived,"said Romian."I believe they came to give us a report on ship movement and naval activities near Aurilioux and Byzantium." The Clan of the Fang looked up at the mention of their name. They were in human forms, or at least what passed for human. Many myths about mermaids and sea people had sprung out over the century and the Clan of the Fin was the source of these stories{except for the made up ones of course}


    The members of this skin had no hair anywhere on their bodies. They instead were stream-line with silvery fins and strangely shaped legs and arms. Their skin was strangely colored, and was a dark green oily color. Its skin allowed it to blend in with the dark sea water almost completely. On land, however, their skin color stood in great contrast to the gray granite wall behind them. One of the larger Clan of the Fin began to approach the center of the metting and prepared to speak.

    "I am known as Feeeeeegrrrrreeeeet,"said the chieftain,"My people are uncomfortable here so many we please hurry up." Fegret was not not lying. Already many of his people were showing signs of fatigue. While they were capable of breathing normal air, members of the Clan of the Fin had to struggle with every breath. Fegret's ability to even speak to them was a testament to his great strength as a warrior.

    "Yes lets moves this on,"said Jagerot."I am aware that being here is very......difficult for you. Please make her speach brief and to the point."It is important to note that Jagerot spoke to Fegret without any suspicion or hostility. Their animal components both were very primitive and both stayed away from members of the other clans. Apparently the two repugnant and rejected clans found each other presence at least barable. The fate of Guim is evidence of how much the Clan of the Scale rekected and hated four of the other clans.

    "As part of a previous agreement,"began Fegret,"my people searched the waters outside the mainland for any small islands which could harbor other groups that might ally us, or potential foes. My people were unable to fight a single rock protruding from the waters. We only went as far out as one-hundred miles, but I am sure that there are no islands close enough to the mainland to add any complication to our plans. My people and I did find several fishing boats far out at sea. We were unaware that people had mastered the technology of the sea. We of course attacked and destroyed the boats, lest any of the sailors perhaps seen us."


    "So did you find anything of value?,"inquired Romian."Or was this entire expedition fruitless." Romian glared at Fegret, wishing that the something would go right in their planning. Many of the Quer'ith around the cave began to scowl nwardly and even Jagerot took on an expression of disapproval.

    "While we did not find any surface dwellers that could help us," explained Fegret."We did find some underwater denizens that we were able to.....persuade to aide to us."

    'While I applaud your enslaving these sea behemoths," said Johan."I still do not see how they will be of any use to any battles except sea. As you said yourself, with no islands off the mainland how can these new sea behemoths be of any use to the rest of us?"


    "Simple,"answered Fegret,"These sea creatures are capable of flight. This new information caused the cave to become immediately silent.

    "I do not understand,"said Johan."Just what are these beasts you speak of?"

    "Yes my brother,"said Jagerot."Tell us all you can about these beasts you found. They could be extremely useful to us in the coming conflicts."

    "Well these beasts are descendants of dragons,"explained Fegret."How or why they evolved into sea creatures we do not know. I can tell you that these creatures have all the strength and cunning of their relatives."

    "Then explain how u managed to capture them,"said Romian."How could you capture such a creature with all of the attributes you just mentioned?I know that your people are skilled in underwater combat, but I do not understand how you could of forced your will onto such a creature.

    "Let me show you,"said Fegret. The sea creature pulled out a strange looking amulet. Instantly the entire cave was filled witha brilliant blue light. The runes on the Quer'ith began to grow a dangerous red. Whatever force they were feeling, it was a great magical power.

    "What blasphemy have you brought into this place," cried Kigeran."How dare you bring a magical artifact into our presence!!!" His eyes narrowed and the QUer'ith approached Fegret. He reached out his hand and put it over the amulet. Instantly the light went out. Fegret did not seem angry at Kigeran's action, instead he appeared to be smiling.

    "Now do you see the power I hold,"said Fegret."Now do you see the magic I control. With this amulet we can control this continent. With it, we can recreate the world as we see fit! This artifact allowed us to bind those sea dragons to our will and I have no doubt that we can control the minds of these petty humans. If it worked on these powerful magic beasts, it must work on such weak creatures!"


    "You speak against all that we believe in by bringing that cursed object here,"roared Kigeran as he began the change into a werewolf."How DARE you show it at this most holy meeting. DESTROY IT IT BEFORE I DESTROY YOU!!!!"

    <to be contiued in chapter 2>