A Little Help From my Star Wars Friends

Discussion in 'Star Wars' started by Elven Huntress, Mar 25, 2011.

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    Hello, I was hoping to get some of you Star Wars fans to help me. I am a fan of all things Sci-Fi, Star Wars, Fantasy, Trekkie, Video Games, and Comic Books. I'm doing a web series that is a dream come true for me and was hoping to get the help of all of you forum readers out there. It's called Warrior Showdown, and it takes the warriors of the past and fictional characters and matches them up for a real fight! The twist is it based on popular vote. So if you can spare just 15 seconds of your time to vote, there is no signing up, and its free. Just click on each match up and hit submit. That's it. It's a legitimate web series and not spam. I promise!! I just want to win and move onto the next round. Once voting closes the video of the fight is posted and you get to see who won. If you can spare the 15 seconds please reply to the thread and I'll send you the link. Thanks :D Vote for ELVEN HUNTRESS!!
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    Advertising other websites is classed as spam. You have been warned by thewanderingMagus...

    You'll get banned if this carries on.