A Jedi

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    A short story I wrote as an assignment from a friend. He could say "Something to do with the american revolution." And I would write something involving the american revolution in some way. On this he told me to write a setting with children in the Star Wars Universe. Enjoy.

    A Jedi​

    ”Take this!” Rina called out as she threw the rock at her brother.
    Siam dove behind an old, rusted ship engine for safety and returned the fire with a rock of his own.
    “You will never stop me, imperial scum! No one can defeat a Jedi!” he yelled.
    The rock hit Rina on her shoulder and she winced in pain. Angrily she picked up a couple of more rocks and threw them all hard after Siam.
    “The full might of the Empire is behind me! You’re gonna die!”
    The rocks raining on his shelter, Siam decided to try and make a run for it. He started for the gates to the scrap yard but bashed straight in to a wall, or so he thought. He shrugged and looked up, right into the skull helmet of an Imperial stormtrooper. The young boy screamed and tried to get away but hands were already holding him down.
    When he came to his senses for just a second he noticed that it was ONLY the helmet of a trooper, the rest of his assailants body was dressed in worn out work clothes similar to his own. The stormtrooper started to laugh.
    “He he! You really fell for it, Siam! Ha ha, you are such a baby!” it said.
    Removing the helmet, Siam recognised him as Jahr, his tormentor. Jahr’s family had moved in shortly after the fall of the empire (some said that they were escaped imperials trying to hide) and about ten years after that Jahr was born. A tremendous test of patience from every housewife on the street, the young Jahr seemed to always be up to mischief. Especially when he could pin it on Siam, who was born the very same year, and laugh as his victim took the heat. Now Jahr and Hrll, a trandoshan youth who always hung out with Jahr, held him down and laughed at him.
    “Well well, a Jedi you say?” the older boy sniggered and looked at his lizard companion, “wouldn’t it be your duty as stormtroopers to eliminate all Jedi we find?”
    “Yessss” Hrll agreed, “can’t let Jedi run free on the streetsss.”
    Jahr did a face as if he was thinking it over and started to say something (no doubt a mean remark) when a rock hit him square in the chest and knocked the wind out of him. Hrll was, contrary to all belief, a very smart trandoshan so he quickly took to cover to escape the bombardment from Rina, who had climbed atop a huge junk pile to find a good attack point against her brother, but now used it on these new targets.
    “Come on Siam!” she called, “climb up here!”
    Siam started to do as he was told but had only gotten half-way when a telling rumbling began to emit from inside the pile. Jahr and Hrll heard it to and all four children did their best to escape the falling junk.

    When the dust settled, Siam opened his eyes. He very carefully checked his body and feared that some part would be missing. His hands were ok at least, and so were his legs, arms and head. Gingerly he stood up and surveyed the disaster, he cringed when the thought about what Mr. Gurley, the owner of the junk yard, would say when he noticed his sister.
    She was half-buried by fallen debris and he didn’t see her move. As fast as he could he got to her and started shaking her with tears streaming down his cheeks.
    “Sis? Sis? Come on, Rina, mom’s gonna be so mad if you don’t come home for dinner!”
    Slowly, the girl opened her eyes and looked at her brother.
    “You cheated…we was playing rock war, not piles of junk war.”
    Siam smiled, relived that his sister was ok, but then the worry in his eyes was back.
    “Are you hurt?”
    Rina shook her head.
    “Don’t think so, I’m just stuck under this.”
    To demonstrate this she tried to wriggle free, but all she managed to do was cause some debris to shift so now it was poking her in the back.
    It would have been a simple matter for Siam to go to his father at the factory and ask him to help, hadn’t Jahr decided to come back, with more friends this time. The boy now stood at the head of twelve kids with his stormtrooper helmet on.
    “Ok, guys!” he ordered, and the helmet made his voice sound creepy, “let’s get the Jedi scum for the glory of the Emperor!”
    Siam wanted to scream “stop it!” or “we’re not playing anymore!” but before he could, a shadow came before him. It was a woman, not very big but clearly an adult from the white splashes in her black hair, wearing a cape to protect her from the desert winds common to Tatooine and plain grey clothes. He thought he saw a blaster before she turned towards the charging kids.
    “Stop” was all she said.
    Jahr was known all around town for not listening to adults, but this time he actually stopped. The woman nodded and pointed to the gates leading out to the street and as one the twelve companions Jahr had scrounged up ran. Leaving only Hrll and Jahr himself, his head still encased in the white plastisteel.
    The woman started towards the two boys.
    “Give me the helmet.” She said calmly.
    With trembling hands Jahr pulled his helmet of and handed it over to her. The woman leaned forward and made a motion with her hand towards the gate and to Siam’s surprise the boys started to run as fast as he had ever seen them towards it. He swallowed.
    “Excuse me…” he dared.
    The woman turned and looked at him with her blue eyes, and Siam felt she knew everything about him, even that he used to wet his bed sometimes when he had scary dreams.
    She smiled at him and looked inside the helmet she was holding and her smile grew wider.
    “A fake, good one, but still…won’t have much of a market value,” she looked at Rina, “let’s help your sister, kid.”
    Siam could just nod as she threw the helmet away and went to his sister’s side, she knelt beside her and spoke softly to her. Rina nodded and started to wriggle again while the woman started to lift the debris away. Although not without touching it, as Siam had hoped, for he was fairly sure she was a Jedi. No one else could’ve made those kids leave without a fuss, our convinced Jahr to leave his beloved helmet behind. But instead of pointing out that it would be much easier to use the Force, he chipped in and carried whatever his five year old frame could handle. And he decided that the small woman probably used the Force to help her lift all those heavy pieces of junk, because they would be too heavy for anyone to carry alone! In just a couple of minutes Rina was free and didn’t seem worse for wear.

    The woman on the other hand, seemed a bit flushed, to be fair she had did most of the heavy lifting. She sat down on a nearby cockpit and took a flask from her belt and gulped down some water. Siam sat down on her left side while Rina sat on the right.
    For a while it seemed like she didn’t notice them, or ignored them. But then she looked up.
    “What?” she asked
    Siam was a little embarrassed and looked down, fixing his eyes on the ground.
    “Thank you, Miss Jedi...” he murmured shyly.
    “Yeah, thank you so much for helping us, Miss Jedi” Rina chimed in, “I’m Rina Kortni and this is my brother Siam Kortni!”
    For a second, the woman just sat their as if their heads had turned into hydrospanners before her very eyes.
    “Uhm...No problem…I’m Inryes Narkturo” she said at last, “but...I’m not a Jedi.”
    “But you got to be!” Siam nearly shouted, “You used the Force to scare those bullies away and to help you lift that junk of Rina!”
    Inryes shook her head.
    “Believe me, kids, I have seen Jedi Knights in action, and I’m not one of them.”
    She stood up and started to leave.
    “But…” Rina asked, “how did you do it then...”
    At that, Inryes smiled and half turned towards them.
    “I never said I couldn’t use the force…Good bye, and may the…” she stopped, “well you know the rest...”
    With that she left the junk yard, and the two siblings looked at the gates where she disappeared until their mother called them to dinner. Tomorrow they would tell everyone of the Jedi who wasn’t a Jedi.

    In a nearby cantina, Inryes checked the wrist blaster she had used to threaten the kids into leaving and sighed, it was empty, as it had been for nearly a year. She had really hoped that the stormtrooper helmet would be real when she heard a mother talk about how her son always wore it and how it felt like having an imperial garrison for dinner every day. A small spark shot out of her elbow and she cursed and shouted for the mechanic who sat two tables away.
    “Hey Talcon! The arm is acting up again!”
    The fat mechanic went over and shook his head.
    “Damn it, Narkturo! I’ve told ya not to overload that piece of bantha dung! The servos can’t take it, especially not in this heat!”
    Inryes smiled.
    “Sorry...The force guided me to some Jedi under attack by fake stormtroopers.”
    Talcon raised an eyebrow.
    “I don’t know what spice you’ve looked at, but give me a look next time…seems like good stuff.”
    The two outlaws laughed as Inryes shared the tale.