A Hitchhiker's Guide to Radio, Movie and Video Games.

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    Twenty-five years after the original radio series of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy exploded into the public consciousness, the further exploits of its bewildered hero, Arthur Dent, are being brought to life in their original medium and with the (mainly) original cast.

    The last three books of the ‘trilogy in five parts’, Life, The Universe And Everything; So Long And Thanks For All The Fish and Mostly Harmless, have been dramatised as two new series (none of them were previously produced for radio).

    As the original two series were dubbed the Primary and Secondary Phases by Douglas Adams, these new series form the Tertiary, Quadrenary and Quintessential Phases.

    Thanks to the wonders of digital technology, Douglas Adams himself can be heard playing the part of Agrajag.

    The final three Hitchhikers adaptations will be broadcast from 21 September.

    A computer game written by Douglas Adams is being revived to coincide with the new BBC Radio 4 series of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

    The text adventure will appear on the station's website and was described by the late Adams as "the first game to move beyond being 'user friendly'".

    "It's actually 'user insulting' and because it lies to you as well it's also 'user mendacious,'" he said.

    The game, originally published in 1984, contains rare writing by the author and is - in Adams' words - "full of extraordinary ways of dying".

    Users can play a number of characters from the book, collect over 40 items and read dozens of Hitchhiker's Guide entries.

    The new version of the game will be illustrated by Rod Lord, who won a BAFTA for his graphics for the original Hitchhiker TV series.

    Radio listeners will also be invited to submit their own illustrations.

    A movie adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - starring John Malkovich, Bill Nighy and The Office's Martin Freeman - is due to be released in June 2005.

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