A Ghost is Born - Wilco

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    I would give this album an absolute A+. Wilco's fifth album, "A Ghost is Born", continues their trend for musical progressiveness originally established in their sophomore album "Being There". This album finally proves beyond any doubt that Wilco is one of the great bands of our time, continually capable of creating powerful and progressive music that more and more can only be categorized by saying it just sounds like them. This album has a much more impulsive, instinctual, and organic feel than possibly anything they've ever recorded. Each song could be a relative highlight of the album. My personal song favorites were "Hell is Chrome", "Hummingbird", "Company in my Back", "Wishful Thinking", and "Handshake Drugs". Wilco in particular among bands today have an uncanny ability of being able to combine the emotional with the experimental, such as in the wonderful song "Less Than You Think" that has a magnificently melancholy opening and then ends with a prolongued noise dirge. This album is simply a stunner, one of the best of the year.

    If you want to listen to the album go to wilcoworld.net