A farewell, For now?

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    To all my friends.
    Firstly to the Grey Alliance. i tried hard to bring a spark back, i hope that the future may bring more than i did. this is truly a great family and i hope it continues long beyond my years.
    secondly, to my old friend Sor. we once were close, but a mistake on my part cost me that. i hope that i may one day redeem myself to you, but i dont see how that is possible, live a long full life my friend, and know that if you have a need you need only contact me on fb.
    To the Guild of Fellowship... i was possibly the darkest soul ever to grace your doors and you still took me in. may Lloth keep you ;)
    (no, i am not converted yet lol)

    To Shogun: Rarely does one see maturity and leadership placed on one so young. i have, Do, and will always respect you for your advice and comments.

    i shall continue to watch you guys, i need to do some soul searching. the breakup, a new fresh relationship, and a personal tradgedy, have placed stresses on me that prevent me commiting to anything right now. dont be surprised to see me online from time to time, i will be on tonight, but will leave for a while after

    finally, as part of my quest to find myself i am going to wander, so i will leave you with my new motto: and no, there are 0 swear words Sky