A faded memory

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I remember the way we used to be
    The future was shinning bright on you and me
    In the morning I would get a message from you
    Ask each other how we are doing and say I love you

    For a whole month or more it seemed like bliss
    As I spoke of our next meeting and another kiss
    My days were great and full of life
    It all crashed down like a drop of a knife

    Why did you change and why were you in fear?
    Did the past haunt you, did a nightmare appear?
    I jumped the gun perhaps because I thought I found love
    For a while you were the only girl I dreamed of

    You said you need to slow down, dating is not for now
    I can do that for you if you just stay somehow
    Adjustments can be made on a dime
    To care too much is it a crime?

    Now you barely message me like I exist
    The pain is killing me yet telling you I resist
    My emotions stay and forever last
    As I fall apart every night because of my past

    I believe you can be worth the wait
    But am I just going to lose to the hands of fate?
    So silence is where I stand
    I won't send you a single poem, so you will never understand

    If you are not the one
    I promise you I will just retire and not find anyone
    The search for love is filled with agony and pain
    As clouds can easily turn grey and start to produce rain

    All these things I need to get off my chest
    I'm a criminal with out a crime and I feel under arrest