A Dead Family...

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    The Moon
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    Bones rattle and flesh springs forth,
    Breath into my nostrils, life into earth,
    This grave is just a waiting room,
    Napping within this temporary tomb...

    Oh Ezekiel, watch me now as come back together,
    We can feel it now, a certain spirit in the weather,
    Around your ankles, brushing against your cheek,
    It conquers the wicked and embraces the meek...

    A valley of bones made to live again,
    From now til then, time grows thin,
    Oh just wait, until we get to stomp about once more,
    Wounds are mended, where the enemy once tore...

    Brothers let it out, sisters champion a shout,
    Bring down the rain that will end this drought,
    The rocks quake and cry out and seas begin to boil,
    Do not bow to false idols fueled by blood and oil...

    Even though we breathed no more, you were the one really dead,
    Rip the knife from your heart or prepare to rest in a cold, hard bed,
    But rest you will not find, the bed ain't kind,
    So don't look back and leave it all behind...

    Into our arms, your weary head on our shoulders,
    We are weak, but together we can move boulders,
    Eyes forward, one foot in front of the other,
    Should you slip, take the hand of your brother...

    No one will love you like we will,
    And no love is ever so real,
    As much as when you're with your family who died,
    The ones who Death couldn't keep, was denied...