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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Mister trash talker
    Immature stalker
    What you are saying is not right
    Yet you are not worth the fight

    Selfish to the bone
    You will end up all alone
    Watch what you say online
    You are walking a tight line

    Respect do you know the term?
    Right now to me you are a worm
    Heartless fool you are
    One of the worst by far

    Don't you care?
    Your actions are not fair
    What about how she feels?
    As you whine wearing a dress and high heels

    Just let her be
    There are other fish in the sea
    You are causing a massive storm
    For you is this the norm?

    She is a good friend
    Don't you want to know her til the end?
    Just think about what has been said
    As it sits in your head