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    Do robots dream? Chat? I made X-ROBOTICA for RPG loving fans to explore (when they're not bustin' heads).


    I am a retired, 63-yr-old 3D-VR teacher/artist who creates and shows his Science Fantasy worlds and characters in 3D CGI just for the love of it. No commercialism, not one bit. As a matter of fact, when I'm not traveling to remote castles and valleys in the Real World, I shun popular culture to work on this-- I guess I've always just wanted to be Tron.

    So, here's always a safe, free Tron-like 3D CGI immersive virtual reality ride for anyone who wants one.

    Here, the chat aspect is secondary to the exploration of virtual reality ie. one can ride an aerocab, a whale, a giant mosquito, or be a sardine. And, I'm always adding more.

    I'm an artist, not a chatter. In comparison to Second Life, I like to think X-Robotica is more of a surreal combination of artist and computer "sensibility" (and a few friends have added their more "human" worlds, too) -- tell me what you think!

    It's all freely accessible via X-Robotica
    A friendly review of my immersive CGI life's work is at X3D

    :ufo: X-Robot
    Colin James McKinlay

    PS. MSIE compatible.

    PSS. Also contributing relevant affiliates free banner linkage from 3D worlds (see X-Robot Dreams category: AI-Dreams: The Triffid Nursery)

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