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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Let the pain fall like rain
    No reason to complain
    It's the mental suffering that drives me insane
    Agony set me free, let my mind drift to maine

    The knee's that ache
    In time they will be metal or plastic and be fake
    Ribs that are sore like so, all the trouble it can make
    Heart beats just to fast, wonder if I will ever last what medication will it take

    Headaches and migraines send the mind to another land
    Where is the cure and what is the cause? two questions I demand
    The intensity of what I feel makes things seem not so real, oasis in the sand
    Final round final stand, a few laps here I go run until I can barely stand

    The music in my mind, from the things I have heard
    From the common words of the day and the absurd
    To see a tree and a bird
    Nature is the word

    Nausea takes it all alway
    Even things I want to do and say
    Everything seems to be in replay
    Let it flow let it go everyone shall know may it all stay

    Living on cruise control
    Everything is taking it's toll
    Take a risk and a roll
    Dig what is in the inner heart and soul

    Anger that resides, two opinions and two sides
    Morning, evening and afternoon tides
    Things that linger and a explanation that resides
    Up and down and side to side like all the roller coaster rides