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Thread: Assassin's Guild Names

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    Assassin's Guild Names

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone had any creative ideas about a name of an Assassin's Guild.

    I'm also looking for tenets so if you have any ideas please share. I already have around 3 or 4 basic tenets.

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    Re: Assassin's Guild Names

    what about calling it, "The Assassins Guild" ?

    or "The Guild of Hashishin", which is where the word assassin originated from.

    or "The Sneeky Stabbers club".

    or "Death Dealers Brotherhood".

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    Re: Assassin's Guild Names

    Hanishins...? lol reaallly?
    'cuz Anonymous told me to...

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    Re: Assassin's Guild Names

    The Sacred Hand.

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