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May 31, 2018
Mar 2, 2010
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Still here., from Sweden

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May 31, 2018
    1. Prince_Kheldar
      Oooh, that sounds soo nice! I've always wanted to study abroad... Do you know which country you'll en up in?
    2. anonymous
      i feel sorry for ya` working sundays suck... atleast i hope you earn a lot!
    3. anonymous
      m awesome as always, whats the point to not be? haha work, ?!?! isnt it sunday?!
    4. Prince_Kheldar
      I want to work on an oil platform! That's my dream~

      Oh, so are you gonna study something else when you finish, then?
    5. Prince_Kheldar
      Oh, that's not good! Though, good thing it's almost over then!

      I'm in my first high school year, which is a basic course where we learn about tools and metal and welding and all kind of things like that. So next high school year we can choose what branch to continue on. Most of my classmates will choose engineering, but I'll choose process, which is a bit more technical than practical.

      So, why did you choose economy?
    6. Anakin
      Only disadvantage with Steppgras is that it gets cold easily. But it is truly delicious. I think it's the only thing that can compete with curry lol. If you would take curry out of my life, it would almost be meaningless! I love the Indian curry 'Vindaloo' and 'Tikka Massala'. And yes we barely eat beef. We mostly eat chicken here too, never fish. I do eat muscles and shrimps and other. But for fish itself. No... never. lol

      Yes we have Spirited Away on DVD here. My favourite manga movie would be Akira I think. I wish I could draw manga better. I'm a little rough when I draw. With the medication I take I shake a bit. That's why I really have to press on my pencil to draw, which decreases the quality of my drawings.
    7. Prince_Kheldar
      Yeah, about the same.

      In high school, you can choose different branches, right?
    8. Prince_Kheldar
      Hehe, nope, it's not that hard. I mean, it's harder than basic school/high school was (5/6 years old - 15/16, it's the same over there, right?). But as I think it's very interesting, I don't think of it as a problem, only a challenge.
    9. Anakin
      I'm really into spicy food, so I love especially Chinese and Indian. And I love food from my own country. Here we have something that I can't translate as it doesn't exist any where else. It's called 'Steppegras'. It's mainlly like fries that looks like spaghetti. It's delicious. What kind of food are you in? Btw are you an anime fan? I was just wondering considering your new signature.
    10. Anakin
      Yeah I was just teasing you by generalizing. As you said it depends on the matter. Same with me. There willl be things that do easily satisfy me (like Star Wars lol) and other things that don't easily satisfsy me, like food lol.
    11. Prince_Kheldar
      Doing my first year on mechanics and that kind of things, I'm not sure what it's called in Sweden, but here we call it TIP. So next fall I'll start studying chemistry and process :)
    12. anonymous
      no probs, so how are things?
    13. Anakin
      Are you an easily satisfied person? My first impression would be 'no'...
    14. Prince_Kheldar
      Are you still studying?
    15. Prince_Kheldar
      Arhh, I want autumn<3 I love it; all the colors, the way the air smells... a new school year! -not that I like school a lot, but I look forward to starting a new... line. you know what I mean.
    16. Prince_Kheldar
      I usually like it until a few weeks after Christmas. Then, if I have the opportunity to drive a snowmobile, I like it till after Easter. I don't this year, however, so now I'm tired of it. What about you?
    17. Prince_Kheldar
      Yeah. This week we've had -20C most of the time, and we have quite a lot of snow.
    18. Prince_Kheldar
      so... do you have a lot of snow down in Stockholm now?
    19. anonymous
      kind of :) he probalby is to some people... mostly females, and many have said the he is tryin` to flirt etc, any how he is to mean for me to care :) oki see ya ` bath time for me :p
    20. Prince_Kheldar
      Torsåker, not far from Gävle.
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