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May 31, 2018
Mar 2, 2010
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Still here., from Sweden

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May 31, 2018
    1. anonymous
      uh my....geez...me beeing female... ;( :D gosh :p :D

      immature = means beeing stupid, doing stupid stuff , even mature mens are rude, impolite etc.

      why do i hate Russians :
      1. They are here everywhere, they do pocekt lifting here, they riot a lot, they steal and fight
      2. They say : Latvia back to Soviet Union
      3. They drive around in Russian flags, when we drive around in Latvian, they say its uprising, and kick our cars
      4. They hate us , we hate them
      5. We were occupated by them 100years... its sucks.
      6. The sent ot Syberie 1o thousands of Latvians, including my grandfather
      7. They killed many Latvian
      8. They still do, they control, and manipulate us
      9. They say we live in shitty coutry, but they do as well, adn they make it shitty.

      that would be more or less it... :D

      Hi. sugar.. lol ar female thing again :D :p
    2. anonymous
      they are..... nah..i kind of like to immature, for most of time.. its more fun.. but there is time where simply you have to be mature, and its important to be then.. :p

      Hate in Sweden.. :eek: what? it so beautiful as far as i seen.. Stupid people are everywhere, the reason i dislike Latvia the most is - here is ~50% of Russians.. and i cant imagine what could be worse...
    3. anonymous
      i kind of dont know.. i like it part of here..and dislike other :p
      we do :p it would be stupid to ask , do you like Sweden , because how can you not love it! I almost got to study at IEGS ... its some kind of gymansia in Sweden, but they asked me to restart year.. too much to ask me.bear one more year at school, so not worth it :D

      yeey, it will be awesome :p cant wait for summer :p
    4. anonymous
      i kind of cant, its wont nighter at stockholm + im stucked with my family ;( but i have plans to head Stocholm this summer :p
    5. anonymous
      aww, my message was deletedm uh wtah the heck, ill write another one, so here it comes :p

      it was kind of like this :
      omg,omg ,omg Sweden, i love it :p i`ll be all easter holiday in there, in a city called are (ore) with an "a" wit two dots on it. day at stocholm, but its kind of booring :D
      it will be awesoem, if you come to Riga, i shall give you a free tour :p but i warn ya` its bit booring..not much to see, bunch of historical stuff, some movies, and a go-kart (mm) love `em.
    6. Sevi
      Yesh you are here! There was a male attack in the thread >.>
    7. anonymous
      yup Riga? you have been to it :eek: i feelin` shocked, nobody ever knows it :p
    8. Sevi
      Haha! Yeah I suspect most of people here found it the same way! :D

      It's good that you are here! Now we hava a chance of winning men vs women thread...I mean we ALWAYS lose at that game..
    9. anonymous
      borring, hmm all Latvian stories, ALL are booring... it like watching Twilight....its shit .... they all are actually.. probably they have super-awesome morale or some thing , but they are waya too boring to get it :@

      yes, never say that again :p you made me cry, just by imaganing " working in sundays" :D
    10. wanderingmagus
      lol thx i guess :o
    11. Sevi
      Ah yeah that reminds me of the TFF island that we all wish would exist...but we never lose hope! I mean many TFFers have promised to buy an island and turn it to a TFF island once they become billionaires lol!

      I was searching for a forum and people to talk to for fantasy things so I typed forum and fantasy on google and TFF appeared!

      How did you find it?
    12. wanderingmagus
      idk, since i was four? maybe a litle later. i took art classes all through primary and secondary. but i only got into drawing manga-style like this year, and the drawing pad i only got a couple months ago lol. still not very good at it.
    13. anonymous
      you shouldt be used to it, go out and shame on yourself...saying this kinds of shits :p (j/k)
      im reading probably one of the most bOOOOOring stories ever
    14. Sevi
      I love it as well. Although I havent been around much for 6 months or so. Real life obligations! But yeah if you fall in love with TFF once in your life then you will always come back here...you cant escape lol!
    15. Sevi
      No problem! Its good to see new people coming in and stay around. :D
    16. Sevi
      Hi! Welcome to the forum!
    17. jake1964
      You're welcome. ;)
    18. wanderingmagus
      cool, did you draw your own sig?
    19. Prince_Kheldar
      good, good. Happy to have spread the joy^^

      Oh dang, school. I should most probably hit the sack as well... Oh well.
      It was nice speaking to you too, good bye and good night!
    20. jake1964
      Relax child. If I offended, I apologize.
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