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Jan 17, 2018
Mar 2, 2010
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August 13


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Jan 17, 2018
    1. Cascador
      What do you mean 'troubled girls'... Something on your mind?
    2. anonymous
      no work this sunday?
    3. anonymous
      ask yourself, how the heck did you do that :p
    4. anonymous
      no, you just did it :p you entertained me :p
    5. anonymous
      pfff.... :p you bever tried :D

      i will!
    6. anonymous
      extremly interesed, i will :p
      im kind ok, part of me is sick, so cat go and hang out ;(

      pfff, impossible, then how do you plan playin` RPG?
    7. Sevi
      I used to study at midnight but only cause I couldnt concentrate during the day. especially when I had exams, I never slept the night before. But it was really tiring so I cant imagine how tiring it must be for you if you have to work as well (even for a few hours)

      It's not that hard, sometimes its really boring!

      Omg I never liked these kind or studies. That you need to study all the time! I like practical studies more than theoretical. But it sounds interesting.
      Where are you from?
    8. anonymous
      ;( how are ya` ? hmm try to use your own :p you must have it! everyone has it :p
    9. anonymous
      *sends imagination*
    10. Sevi
      Studying and working? Thats really great! I dont know if I could do it. Studying was hard enough for me...

      Im working as a graphic designer at a company. It's a bit boring but its ok. I get to spend lots of time online doing not what I should >.> lol
      My sister's husband owns it so its cool. But what I really want is to be a cinematographer.

      What ar you planning to do after high school?
    11. anonymous
      use your imagination :p
    12. anonymous
      agreed, so you must entertain me :d
    13. anonymous
      i wouldny say its easy :p
      :p sounds familiar :p
    14. Sevi
      Im fine as well! Today there is a strike on all public transportation so I stayed home to work which saved me a couple hours of sleep!

      Are you studying or working?
    15. anonymous
      i`ll have exam this year at it...
      but im kind of leraning Physics class...bit its more liek a math.. so only part of math i really love is geometry :D

      so i`ll ask questions, you asked to not :p why did ya` picked it?
    16. Sevi
      Yeah I know what you mean about the movie. But I liked it that though it was a bit different from Tim Burton's movies, it had his signature! And Johny Depp was absolutely amazing like the hatter!

      I said Carrie hello and she says hello back! :D

      So how are you?
    17. Sevi
      I just came back from watching Alice in Wonderland and I really loved it! I thought to come in and say hi! But now I have to go. Sex and the city is on tv and though Ive seen all episodes like 100 times Ill go and watch it once again! Goodnight! Talk to you tomorrow!
    18. anonymous
      granted :d have a good time studying, if thats it possible ! :D what kind of test? im kind of stubborn as well, but no the russian way :D lol :D i `ll , i always do :D
    19. anonymous
      uhh... :D i did opposite in men vs women :p but who cares :D

      uhh another reason : Russians cant agree that they are wrong, or that they did smth wrong :p

      im sleepy, headin to bed atm :p 2 min left , and then im off :D

      you? so how are you,in this late hour of night?
    20. Sevi
      Thats the spirit!!
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    August 13
    I am the monster that's hiding under your bed.

    Reading, playing the piano, drawing and exploring as much as possible.