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Mar 2, 2010
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Still here., from Sweden

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May 31, 2018
    1. Sïalla
      At the beginning I go home every weekend so I meet them at that time, though with all the work at university sometimes a can't go home for a moth or more :( But it's been a year already and we are all still together :D

      Architecture has a bit of everything I think. we have the artistic part with drawing classes and art/architecture history and then we have the more complicated classes :/ we had maths only one semestre, but the problem are the following classes for what you need maths xD The more scary one is Static that's a part of physics :/ we also had classes of space antropology, materials and geometry which weren't so bad :) oh yeah and then we have the project class were we have to do a whole project so you have to mix everything you learn here xD

      Don't mean to scare you, but you're probably going to miss highschool after a while in university xD

      How are your classes? I actually don't know anyone here from that area so I have no idea xD

      oh I've never been to Sweden, but I would really like to visit *.*
    2. anonymous
      same about hating school :p

      and I do hate some teachers, but most subjects are ok tho :p

      i dont listen to mucis, couse my music center is gone :p

      yeah same, i have to read local writers stuff, where the guy in the end cuts himself ... pure emo :D

      just back form school...still boring as usual :p cant wait fro BREAK!
    3. Sïalla
      Well I'm living with my grandmother for now but most of the time I'm not a home because I'm working at university and I do my own food and stuff so it's almoooost as if i'm living on my own :p
      yeah there was nobody I knew in my course, they all stayed in the city I was living :( the one friend that changed city too went to a totally different course and her university is nowhere near mine...
      I guess when you find yourself 'alone' in a new place you're kinda forced to be social. I'm not a particulary social person, really quiet and shy xD but I suddenly just found myself talking a lot with the first person I met from my class xD
      I like architecture :) I think it's really interesting, I'm just not sure if I'm very good at it :p but I always start the semestre really comitted and enthusiastic :D
      Where are you from btw, if you don't mind me asking :$
    4. anonymous
      kind of same..im too bored to brother listen or write down, in most of subjects :D
      i hate school, cant wait for a break, to be free, ok i half hate it...im just tired of it :p

      so what ya doin`?
    5. Sïalla
      yeah I already moved to a different city because of university, I think moving to a different country woukd be a bit too much xD
      At the beggining is strange, you suddenly find yourself in a completly new place...:( but you get used to it fairly quickly. well at least I did =p and now I'm actually quite happy here ^^

      ahah I don't think there's something wrong with you xD and when you go there you'll find loads of people who don't find it boring ;)
      Something strange is what happened to me xD For (at least) three years I insisted that I hatted architecture and would never go to that course... and then at the last minute I suddenly decided to go... xD
    6. anonymous
      im secret genius :D

      so how are you , in this very swarm and hot (sarcaSM) March ngiht?
    7. anonymous
      good, i am, scool i hate.. so it ruins my day

      haa poem i made :D
    8. Sïalla
      I was thinking in the beggining about going to London for university but gave up on that idea xD I'm still keeping my idea of studying animation. Someday... xD

      It's good if you find it interesting :) I have to be honest and say that for me I would find it a bit boring xD but if you really like it it's all that matters :D
    9. Anakin
      weird is maybe not the right word... Maybe 'eccentric' lol
    10. anonymous
      thank God :p
    11. Sevi
      Sweden is soo cool!! It's one of those countries that everything runs smoothly and everything is organised and under control! Ah I wish I could live in a place like this.

      Im from Greece...here chaos prevails! Haha!

      I dont think you are boring! I think those studies are really interesting and there are much things you can learn from them, but they're not for me. XD
    12. Sïalla
      very :( I'm studying Architecture for now. What I really want to do though is something related with drawing and animation but couldn't find that kind of course in my country :( What about you?
      Indeed, I hatten those things D: even when I knew everything I would still get really nervous and make a mistake somewhere -.-'
    13. Sïalla
      ye it's a bit xD lasted that long mainly because I really liked my teacher.
      I'm absolutly fascinated by Cello *.* but now with university it's complicated to do both things at the same time :(
      I understand you completly xD I hated playing in front of others and unfortunatly three times a year with this sort of mini-concert were we had to play in front of all the families D:
    14. Sïalla
      exactly! The soundtracks are beautifull <3
      oh awesome *.* I used to play the play the piano... for... 5 years. Then I quit. Wasn't actually particulary brilliant at it xD but it was my fault because I never praticed. And wanted to learn cello, but they didn't have it :(
      I noticed you really like piano. Just a hobbie or do you have more professional plans? ;)
    15. Sïalla

      I thought so xD I listened to that music so many times. Loved that movie too :D plus corpse bride and sweeney todd :p I really like the type of his movies, well at least the most recent ones. I haven't really seen many of his firsts movies ^^'
    16. Anakin
      Maybe a little, but would that be a bad thing?
    17. Sïalla
      bored :p how are you?
      Is the phrase in you biography from 'the nighmare before christmas'? O.o or is it just coincidence? xD
    18. Anakin
      Any time;)
    19. Sïalla
      Hello! :D
    20. Anakin
      Ok, 'troubled girl looking for trouble'...
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