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Feb 3, 2010
Nov 18, 2006
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Apr 30, 1989 (Age: 29)
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The Drunken Isle

Warlock Lord

I am a Fashion Statement, 29, from The Drunken Isle

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Feb 3, 2010
    1. LyannaWolfBlood
      Heehee... y'know, now if anyone ever does do that to me I'll prolly be like, "Warlock, it's me!!!!!!!!!" which would totally freak him out lol.

      Well, it'd have to be worldwide... I'm not talking about spending a year in Bundoran or something lol. I'm tempting to try interrailing sometime... that'd be cool.

      Whoa, Harvard? Yeah... not somewhere I know about lol... hardly my league ;). But you go for it!!!
    2. LyannaWolfBlood
      I thought you were going to say "remember if a drunk guy ever says he loves you and it's totally uncalled for... it's probably me" :D But I will remember that lol!!!

      Travel... travel sounds good... :D

    3. LyannaWolfBlood
      :D Well at least there wasn't any lasting awkwardness!

      I haven't a clue about what I want to do... that involves far too much forward thinking lol. Guess I don't need to know for a couple of years though.
    4. LyannaWolfBlood
      OMG that's brilliant... wish I'd been there to see that! :D Must've been incredibly awkward the next day though...

      Yup, the language. We do any two of six languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish) so there are a few people in the class who should be able to get a job in Warsaw no problem when they graduate... not as sure about the rest of us though lol!
    5. LyannaWolfBlood
      Sorry... I guess storeroom=wardrobe isn't really all that obvious lol. It was hilariously funny at the time though :D.

      :p OK, I almost always stop at tipsy and have never gone the complete and utter lack of control/falling over/vomiting/collapsing route. See, not so bad!!!

      Yeah... our sociology lecturer (we did 6 weeks of sociology with our course) kept complimenting the people who chose Polish 'cause they'd be the only ones who'd get a job out of it lol. The rest of us were a little offended... I guess Riga is much the same.
    6. LyannaWolfBlood
      We're thinking about Riga for next time... maybe for Easter if we can get cheap flights.

      Kk, I'll accept that you're a reasonable drinker, shouldn't have put you in with almost every (other) Irish person lol. Actually I'm not that bad - I tend to stop at tipsy - but yeah, I still might be worse than you. *looks guilty*.

      We called it Narnia because it was beyond a "wardrobe" (well, storeroom). I guess it was one of those "you had to be there" things...
    7. LyannaWolfBlood
      Oh god... never thought of that. The alcohol must be amazingly cheap there. Try not to come back an alcoholic! (or at least, more than you are already!!! :D).

      I love pasta AND cheese so Italy just sounds better and better. And yeah, when we were in Madrid you could get three-course meals plus a drink for €10 - it was great!!! We also had one of those meals in a restaurant that was literally beyond a storeroom in a cafe (long story)... which we dubbed 'Narnia' for obvious reasons :D. Odd place at times, Madrid, lol.

      Yes... Irish people are really not suited to cheap alcohol. It got messy on occasion.
    8. Blackness
      The center yes, but the poorer parts look awesome. And the Angel Bay is ****ing amazing too, hash everywhere :D

      I live in a 1700+ years old roman city and it looks so fake like it was created for tourism in the last couple of decades, which it most likely was.
      Monaco is cool too but there's way too many rich people lol >.>
    9. Blackness
      Was in Nice this summer, the best city ever :P I'm gonna live there one day lol.
      Even though it's french :p
    10. LyannaWolfBlood
      -6C??? :eek: I wouldn't blame you for that lol!

      Yup, Madrid is a very fun city with dangerously cheap alcohol. I did make some attempt to actually check out the city... did better at that than most I'd say but the alcohol is still what stands out.

      I've never been skiiing :(. I must try that out wherever I go. Italy is gorgeous though, I was there a good few years ago but it's definitely stunning. Also...there is much pasta!!! TBH I can't wait to spend a year eating in either country :D

      Beijing... sounds amazing, I've got to say!!!
    11. Blackness
      Heheheh i'm awesome ;)
      Oh wait you're French? o.O
    12. LyannaWolfBlood
      Well this is a reply to a couple of days ago but here goes:

      I joined lots of socs, haven't had time to hang out with more than a few but they're a lot of fun. I even went to Madrid with Europa Soc before Christmas :D.

      I don't know what uni I'd go to in France - Paris, Strasbourg, Grenoble and Bordeaux are the options... pretty good, I'd say. I might go with the 'hardest language thing' and go to Italy - not that it's hard but I've got a 6-year head start in French... basically I'm happy being indecisive for the moment :D. Where do you think you'll go in China???

      New Years... did nothing, got bored. But had champagne the next day so it'll all good!!! What did you do?
    13. Kakashi
      alright, thanks for the update, man.

      And i totally envy you. Not only are you kayaking across ireland (f-ing awesome) but you're doing it for charity (get points with god)
    14. LyannaWolfBlood
      Yep, I've spent a bit of time in the Pav alright.... just a little ;).

      That's really nice of Rav! He's still around - maybe you could rearrange the pint?

      Oh yeah, going to China would be epic! I'm still not sure whether I'll go to Italy or France - both sound fun but they're not quite as exotic as China. Still, it should be a cool year :D.
    15. LyannaWolfBlood
      It depends on the college but yeah, we get money for going over 545. Not much though, it's mostly just "ah, you're great" kinda' stuff. Praise is nice but hard cash is better lol.

      Heh, Rav's in DIT! He could be watching you...

      Yeah, I thought that not many unis did Chinese (that is, we don't). Are you going to go to China for a bit then? My third year's abroad - can't wait for that! I just do a module of European History - from 1500-1700 this year. It's really cool!!!

      Student life? Yup, it's a lot of fun :D.
    16. LyannaWolfBlood
      Heh, I admit I'm kinda' tempted to show off on TFF to someone who actually understands the points system... *drumroll* I got 555. I also had no life that year but that's prolly not a surprise lol. I'm doing European Studies in Trinity now - French, Italian, History and a few random bits tagged on at the end. 'Tis fun! :D. Guess we're both linguists (or wannabe linguist in my case...). Where are you in college?
    17. LyannaWolfBlood
      Meh, it's pretty enough. The LC went really well actually - though ofc I've forgotten everything by now :D. Weren't you doing Chinese or something? How's that going?
    18. LyannaWolfBlood
      Goooooooood :D. I'm in Dublin now and everything lol. How're you doing?
    19. Blackness
      omfg !! O_O
    20. LyannaWolfBlood
      O.o. You're here!!! :D
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    Apr 30, 1989 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    The Drunken Isle
    I am an impoverished student, a relentless bookworm, a notable fashion icon, and a prolific wine drinker.

    Listening to music, Reading and Clay pigeon shooting


    My ass is only ignorant cause of the shit it has to deal with everyday, it doesn't know any better - Plish