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Dec 13, 2018
Nov 7, 2009
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August 21
Middle Earth


King Anakin's Royal Advisor, Constantly Around :D, from Middle Earth

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Dec 13, 2018
    1. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Oh my god Happy Birthday!!! :D
      (is it 21 now?)
    2. Julie
      What college class are you in? Good, good, busy, .. but good busy :)
    3. Julie
      Hey for one who is "constantly around" I don't see you posting that much anymore..:D How are you?
    4. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      No I haven't; I'm not much of a Superman fan. Have you?
    5. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Worst part is over: maths. I now have 7 days of school left. After that I'm done! :)
      Good luck with those too then.
    6. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Oh I hate memorisation. If I didn't have all the formulas in physics and proofs/demonstrations in maths, I would definitely like them more.

      I have a maths exam tomorrow and physics on Friday.
    7. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Thanks, although midges, midges, rain, clouds and midges get a bit monotonous.
      Sorry, being slightly cynical. Walking in the north of Great Britain is something that I absolutely love doing, so this is a great thing.

      How are your getting on then with physics? I have a physics exam coming up in a week, but it's pretty basic (a bit of mechanics, thermodynamics, oscillatory physics, quantum physics and nuclear physics).
    8. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Well, there are a lot of people on the internet.

      In fact, this summer, I'm going walking for 10 days in Scotland with my family, carrying tents, food, clothes, etc.
    9. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I love walking, running, rugby, ultimate and just about any sport that I've done except for football (soccer) and hockey.
      I just love being outdoors in the forest or the mountains (only on holiday, as we have no mountains).
    10. Emerlas
      hello new friend
    11. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      It sounds interesting, but I barely have the time to come here, so I can't really add anything else.

      I used to garden a little, but now I don't although I like doing it if I'm asked to. Is it something you like?
    12. Emerlas
      can we be friends?
    13. Druid of Lûhn
    14. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Rich people and companies should do what they should do, but we shouldn't become communist (although the US is too right-wing because of that).

      Anything new, that's more light-hearted?
    15. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      heh As always.
      Well, we're getting a lot of rich french refugees, as the new french president is supposedly very socialist, so they're all heavily taxed.
    16. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Anything new over on the other side of the world in Silicon Valley?
    17. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Well, more of a holiday flirt (whatever you call them) that started on school our school trip.

      But back to creating a quantum computer. heh
    18. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Sadly we learned mostly about optics and thermodynamics when we had bad replacement teachers, so I didn't learn much. I much prefer all the mechanical and quantum 'stuff' though.

      Not really, other than the fact that I've entered into a relationship, although it's stagnating now.
    19. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Well, thank you. Still studying physics (is it?)?
    20. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Long time no see/speak. How are you?
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