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Nov 7, 2009
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August 21
Middle Earth


King Anakin's Royal Advisor, Constantly Around :D, from Middle Earth

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Dec 13, 2018
    1. wandererbk
      Yes, OK! Thanks you very much! :)
    2. Lord Yuan
    3. wandererbk
      I'm pleased! :)
      And now there is an incentive to intensively study English :)
    4. wandererbk
      Hi! Thanks, let's be friends:)
    5. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Johnson, Jackson, Lee, and some other ones probably.
    6. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      There are only four normal last names.
    7. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Well her actual name is newcomb
    8. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      The teacher I've had for four years is cool, she is lax but we still get stuff done. Her name sounds like Nuke 'em though and that is very funny among the students.
    9. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      You have two Japanese teachers at your school? You goin' to some busta private school?
    10. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      We still go by a book. I like using the book too, if we did animes and mangers at our school it would go to hell.

      We watch movies in Japanese when the teacher is off though but that is about as far as it gets past listening to recordings of people speaking for the book stuff.

      I never really got into Spanish, in fact I rebelled against it because it was forced on us in elementary school and it sucked. So I decided to try something completely different and it worked well enough. Still want to learn Latin one of these days too.
    11. 6stringedsignseeker
      lol awesome. Well I've posted my characters profile so far if you want to check it out and let me know if it will be ok.
    12. 6stringedsignseeker
      No :) lol I still need to read a little bit of it, but so far I'm really leaning toward having my character from The Republic Of Texas... partly because that's my home, and partly because I got a little bit of cowboy in me lol. I'm as much a western fan as I am a fantasy fan (well.... almost lol) and I'm actually working on another story (when I take some time off of To The Valley of Dragons) which is a fantasy/western. I was actually up late last night looking for some things I could add to my characters profile lol. I'll be posting them soon :)
    13. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      You are still in Japanese 1, all the kids who are just testing the waters are there, and being Chinese gives you a huge edge. A friend of mine is Chinese and pwns Kanji, and some Kanji are still a pain to me so yeah.

      The learning curve is steep though, but Japanese 1 does go very slow. There are about nine-ish Japanese fours in the Japanese 3/4 class to set an example of how long people last. It starts a full class in one but then gets whittled down.
    14. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Firstly I'd like to point out that you said "Jap" and I find this very funny because whenever people refer to that class they always use slang used by our WWII vets.

      If you plan on going on in Japanese then I recommend you to study Kanji, there will always be more and more bleeding Kanji. I'm in J4 and we just hit the 232 Kanji mark. That is still hardly any friggin Kanji too. Either that or I could leak you grammar structures from the book I'm using.

      Either way most of what Japanese is past hiragana, and katakana, and particles is Kanji, vocab, and grammar structures. Even I don't know some things you know because of vocab and vice versa, I just had to look up what "beki" meant.
    15. Damon Dane
      Damon Dane
      Thanks for the compliment and the invite. I'll be posting more stuff very soon. Hope you like it!
    16. Disco Jezebel
    17. M. R. Mathias
      M. R. Mathias
      I don't use any single form of magic. I use many. There are some of my short stories and a 43 page Novella posted here in the writing section (fan fiction), but they are not about Magic, per say. One is a Faery Tale, another a Flash fiction short, the other a coming of age novella done in a fantasy setting.
    18. M. R. Mathias
      M. R. Mathias
      Well The Sword and the Dragon is a 700 page epic fantasy. It has aome mythology, a few wizards, a magic sword, and yes a dragon too. Tons of magic Here is a link to Fantasy Book Critic's review
      of it. They can explain it better than me.

      The Royal dragoneers is about 360 pages and has a lot of dragons. One of the dragoneers is a girl druid who is bad ass. There is magic and thrills, it is more of a flying by the seat f your pants romp.

      Of course we can be friends. M. R. Mathias
    19. M. R. Mathias
      M. R. Mathias
      Thanks for the friendship. I'll be posting around tomorrow. Ive been writing for about 6 hours and am burned out. :-)
    20. MeltingRoses
      oh! Well I thoroughly enjoy magics bound with blood, spirits, elements and the like.
      I also enjoy incantations and spells, and magic coming from the strength of a person.
      Others just depend on what my story is based on and what time frame etc.
      What about you?
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