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Not in Amsterdam :)
Een pakketje schroot met een dun laagje chroom


Harebrained, from Not in Amsterdam :)

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Jan 2, 2019
    1. anonymous
      sure, no problem :D

      yeah...silly post, you can`t send glass :D glass my ass :D
    2. wanderingmagus
      if someone could email him it would be really nice to have a new mod, one that actually perused the forums and knew the community as it is now.
    3. wanderingmagus
      Thanks for the reply, and I'll try to be careful. I just wonder if Skyanide actually comes by the forums anymore to deal with this, or whether this even shows up on his radar at all.

      oh, and your private message storage is full, you might want to get that checked out ^^;
    4. Oddrun
      Ahh, I see how it can save a dying conversation (the pun was purely accidental), I bet you also use it as an icebreaker with girls :p
      Oh well, we Poles often consider ourselves to be "unique" (surely not only Poles do that) so comparing us to any other country is a faux-pas. Although I don't mind if it's Czech Republic and Slovakia :p We are quite fond of these two countries, unlike with Russia (so never mistake Poland for a part of Russia), and personally, I like their litterature, sense of humour and how relaxed they are about their own countries and history (something you definitely can't say about Poles).
    5. anonymous
      totally awesome,

      we should kind of send another package....

      the biggest bear was awesome, I havent drunk the second one yet.

      what about candies? they are kind of tradition Latvian.

      and....you have exceeted your pm limit. again.
    6. Oddrun
      Yay, you didn't throw the picture away yet! xD
      Sorry, it's not Latvia. The pic was taken in Lithuania, in a place that maaany years ago was Polish :3
      Also... KRÓWKI!!!

      Argentina is still pretty cool ^^ I went to Buenos Aires two weeks ago, it's huuuuuuuge! Awesome as well - although as in many other big cities, you also get some awful bits.
    7. anonymous
      ok, but in mean time, I can send you some sweets from Latvia :D
      or, beer originally placed in 2L bottle (very good for getting drunk) and yeah that`s about it....

      and I do like 5L plastic bottle option - it`s good for 30days, unless opened.
    8. anonymous
      when I asked, about trying to send it, they said : that, they will check at custom, and all glass and non-plastic bottles will be sent back, and I`ll be charged for expenses....so, truth to be told, I believe that your package soon will be back to you....

      I dont, honestly 10days shouldnt stale the beer...but it`s your call...I can send you 5L bottle of one beer.. it`s originally sold in plastic bottle..it`s pretty good like 5th on my list.
      (both 2L and 0.5L are in glass, so 5L is only option)

      that`s Bralis beer

      your PM again is full
    9. anonymous
      double post
    10. anonymous
      uh, I forgot to mention "Bralis" beer, it is cheapest of all ( still natural tho), and it selledi n 2L bottles, if you are looking for more than

      or I could send you all 3,

      Valmeirmuiza Dark&Light and Brengulis, I dont know if it`s a good idea to transport beer in plastic bottle... or yeah, I can pour it in glass one my self. :D

      so, inform me what you think of it

      In return, I would be glad, with some good quality Netherland beer :)

      BTW, you have too many PMs, reached your limit
    11. anonymous
      yeah, sure :D I`ll PM you mine :)
    12. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      We spoke to old and young people alike. It was pretty harsh and "gch" -like.

      And my friend's accent wasn't walloon at all. Both he and another friend went to school (before this year) in flemish, so speak it perfectly with the flemish accent, which is basically softer than the dutch accent.
      We discovered that the way they say "Hallo" sounds like "Hello" in a perfect Oxfordian accent.
    13. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Didn't speak to anybody in Ijmuiden, though I was let through customs very quickly.

      Talking to people in Delft was horrible. They didn't understand my friend and he didn't understand them. My smattering of dutch didn't help so I had to speak English (which they luckily understood a little).

      There wasn't much to see though.
    14. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I was coming back from Scotland and we had to stop some time (by belgian law we'd have had to have lessons if we got back before the end of school).

      I had to end up speaking English, even though I had a fluent Flemish speaker with me. The dutch accent there is incomprehensible!
    15. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I was in both on Friday and thought you'd said you'd been/lived there. I was wrong though.
    16. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I was up in your country the other day (down actually. Heh!) and I though I remembered you mentioning Ijmuiden and/or Delft.
      Have you (as in living there)?
    17. Oddrun
      I know! I consider myself to be a responsible person that doesn't go around asking for being assaulted, but try telling that to my uncle and aunt, they go like "OMGOMGOMGTHEY'REGOINGTOKILLYA!" so I have to "tame" them a bit first :p No problems like that with my parents, but these guys need some working on first. Oh well, I'm going to spend 2 years here and I'm definitely going to travel so they'll just have to accept it ;)
    18. Oddrun
      Yes, Poland will have to manage without me during the EC, hopefully the task won't be too difficult. I'd like to watch the games, but I'm not sure if they'll show them on tv over here... Gah, I can always try the internets.
      So far I'm mostly exploring the nearest city but I'd like to go to Buenos Aires before the uni starts, which will surely take a couple of days (at least). Also my family told me all sorts of creepy stories about young girls traveling alone through South-America and getting killed or raped or both so I guess I have to find someone to travel with me before they'll let me go somewhere further :p
    19. Oddrun
      Oh right, I'll let you enjoy the very first place on "The Flattest Places on Earth"-list, but the pampa it still quite flat :D And it has armadillos!
      And yes, yes, I feel pretty special being the only South-American on TFF (and it's absolutely fabuluos to suddenly become a South-American after being Polish for over 20 years!), although I probably have yet to discover all the benefits of this unusual situation. What I'm going to study here (the uni hasn't begun yet) is Letras Hispánicas which is more or less Spanish and Latin-American literature. But I'll be studying it in Spanish, so it's almost like studying Spanish ;D So far I'm doing ok, no communication problems with the natives, although I'm still not fluent in Spanish. But it will come along, I'm sure, just give me a couple of weeks.
    20. Oddrun
      Well, I'm close to a city which is definitely not empty but I 've heard that further to the south you actually have lots of uninhabited land (if you don't count cows, some wild horses and even further to the south - penguins). And it's quite flat over there (I've seen that from a plane), possibly as flat as the Netherlands : o
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    Een pakketje schroot met een dun laagje chroom
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