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Jan 4, 2004
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Not in Amsterdam :)
Een pakketje schroot met een dun laagje chroom


Harebrained, from Not in Amsterdam :)

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Jan 2, 2019
    1. Turambar
      heh. When there's no one to talk to, there's always yourself :)
    2. Sevi
      Yeah Sparrow isnt even important. Now that he is in my ignore list I wont have to tolerate his rudness. The only thing that concerns me is when somoene quotes him and I accidentaly read the rubbish that he has for thoughts lol. Sorry for being mean. I really deslike him. The only think I wanted to post in the self-harm thread was "And to think that Im not even Christian" xD But I didnt. Besides Kak and Ray arguing is far more interesting and important than Sparrows desperate calls for attention :D
    3. Sevi
      Hey hey sorry about yesterday! My friends had come over to talk about "boys" problems...there was some wine..and a lot of complaining....we end up sleeping at 3 int he morning....now Im sleepy :(
    4. Oddrun
      100 <3

      I guess we are fully competent to start a club for people who fail at dating and have 4-year long crushes on people who apparently aren't interested in a relationship with them although finally they became good friends and who had to spend over a month on picking up their last boyfriend because he would also fit in this club :p
      Numbers are definitely relative. My 3rd boyfriend specifically told me that he wasn't my boyfriend so I'm not sure if I SHOULD count him >.> And my 2nd boyfriend turned out to be a fascist... so I'm not sure if I WANT to count him <.<

      I feel better after all this complaining xD
    5. Oddrun
      Goodnight then!

      /oh, and would 4 boyfriends in almost 25 years count as a big experience? I don't think so ;3
    6. Oddrun
      Also, I thought it impossible to be with a German guy and yet I did. For half a year. And I definitely don't regret it :P
    7. Oddrun
      You sure are picky, Tur :p Can't say I blame you though, because I am as well >.> What fun is there of having a boyfriend if you don't consider him stunning (in one way or another)?
    8. Oddrun
      Maybe we would find your in-laws' long lost daugher here? Just wait until I seduce the handsome Argentinian, maybe he has a sister we could fix you with? :P
    9. Oddrun
      What about going to ARGENTINA to meet a Polish woman you befriended through the internet? I'm sure that would be talked about for long :D
    10. Oddrun
      Well, I'm not sure when or if I'll be able to make it but I'm pretty sure I'd like to one day :P
    11. Oddrun
      Nope, it's 16:42 over here :3
    12. Oddrun
      No, the ones I knew were more like "What am I doing here? These people are stange. I'm sleepy." But still when asked about a book, a literary theory or about cultural stuff they would know it all!
    13. Oddrun
      Fernando doesn't count! It was a celebrity crush :p I meant the amazing guys I actually knew. Funny how often they were the "blasé intellectual" type...
    14. Oddrun
      What is bad is that the amazing guys don't find me attractive, that's what's bad. But I still try to enjoy all my strange crushes :p
    15. Oddrun
      Why would I wish you were gay, Tur? :p (ok, maybe because it would be adorable ^^) And come on, you haven't even see the guy, he's absolutely amazing! Not that I'm offering him to you, no way, I'm keeping him for myself xD
    16. Oddrun
      Ahahaha, that's awesome xD Are you sure it's just my influence and nothing else, Netherlad? :D Or maybe google ads know something you don't : O
    17. Oddrun
      What? Why me? Are you trying to pin something on me AGAIN?! :p
    18. Oddrun
      The mystery resolved: [IMG]
    19. Oddrun
      We like Czech and Slovak people but I don't think they like us much. Can't blame them, though, I'm not too fond of Poles myself ;) Those friends might have been right - at least a bit :p
      History and politics are my weak points so I can't enlighten you as to the reasons of this unusual split, but I find it interesting that Czech and Slovak, languages so alike, didn't merge into one while it was all still Czechoslovakia. I think I need to research that!
    20. anonymous
      sure, no problem :D

      yeah...silly post, you can`t send glass :D glass my ass :D
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    Not in Amsterdam :)
    Een pakketje schroot met een dun laagje chroom
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